JACK’S FAMILY ADVENTURE (Hallmark Channel) with Jonathan Silverman

Jack's Family Adventure (Hallmark)

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of JACK’S FAMILY ADVENTURE, a new Hallmark movie airing Saturday, July 17 (9p.m. ET/PT 8C). The movie stars Jonathan Silverman, Peter Strauss, and DeDee Pfeiffer.

Jack’s Family Adventure Synopsis: Silverman stars as Jack Vickery, an ad exec whose years spent climbing up the corporate ladder have left him successful, though not fulfilled. When his uncle dies and leaves Jack the family cabin he enjoyed in his youth, he packs up his wife (Pfeiffer) and their teenage kids, introvert Charlotte (Linsey Godfrey, “The House Bunny”) and all-star jock Derek (Nolan Gerard Funk, “X2”), for a family bonding vacation in the wilderness. The stark differences from the creature comforts of their usual lives leaves Jack’s wife and kids longing to cut the trip short, but when they are befriended by Wild Bill Cohen (Strauss), who proudly carries on the long tradition of “Jewish Cowboys,” things begin to change. As Bill helps Jack and his family learn the pleasures of a simpler life, the family members start to open up to one another as they begin to understand that being content does not need to be a complicated affair.

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(Photos: Courtesy of Hallmark)