BURN NOTICE “Entry Point” Review


In the BURN NOTICE episode “Entry Point,” Michael and Jesse begin interrogating contract killer Kendra. Then Michael hands it off to Sam and goes with Fiona to meet a client, Buddy, a tubby nerd forger whose life is being threatened by “Mr. Slippery,” an antiques thief. When they follow a trail to a warehouse location, it blows up in their face, literally. But Michael manages to get inside during a blaze and pull out evidence the thief is after a sword of Alexander the Great. They approach the wealthy owner as a security team, get rejected, go on to steal employee files and zero in on a company building guard. But it turns out, he was hired by the real thief, who ends up blowing up part of the office building in a diversion to steal the sword. Turns out it was the personal assistant, a woman, who was Ms. Slippery. Meanwhile, Jesse convinces Kendra could be bought, but when Sam looks into a chain of bank accounts, they’ve been drained and can’t be traced to a source, either. No longer stonewalling, she offers to help them track down the guy who hired her to take out several people involved in a botched bank job, it’s revealed.

This Burn Notice offering had some fun role play, especially for Gabrielle’s Anwar’s Fi as security person “Karen.” Michael has to take wanna-be tough guy but really a dork Buddy under his wing, almost literally, when they’re caught in the office building blast, which makes for a touch of comedy within the drama. And some Jesse-Kendra chemistry begins to heat up a bit, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Overall, “Entry Point” was a solid offering from Burn Notice with a good balancing act between the story of the week and ongoing sub-plot arc. Kendra’s now a staple, at least for this season and adds a touch of volatile unpredictability to the cast mix.

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