EUREKA “A New World” Early Review

Eureka (Syfy) A New World

After the awesomeness that was last week’s EUREKA season premiere, it was going to be hard for the cast and writers to improve upon it, but they came through and then some. I had a chance to watch the second episode of the season, “A New World”, before it airs this Friday at 9 PM EST on SyFy and wanted to give you an early peek at the action. This season of Eureka is really living up to its tagline “The equation has changed.” At the end of the season premiere, our time travelers (Carter, Lupo, Allison, Henry, and Fargo) are dealing with the realities of the new alternate timeline they live in. Some have new people in their lives, while others lost people, and others have new jobs (including one hilarious surprise!). The appearance of a should-have-still-been-in-1947 Dr. Grant, and the possibility that the time travel device could cause more damage to the space-time continuum, leads the group to try to undo the effects of the time travel. Unfortunately, this coincides with a weird positronic storm that puts everyone in danger, and could leave out intrepid travelers stuck in their new world.

I was really expecting a letdown from Eureka’s season premiere, but this episode continued delivering at a high level. It’s going to be interesting to see how the characters deal with the changes so far this season and still be able to keep their secrets. The addition of James Callis as Dr. Grant to the cast is working well, in this episode he has some great lines about what he did and didn’t expect to see in the future. I also liked the effect the time change had on Allison’s son, Kevin, who now is acting more like a regular teenager who thinks his mom is cramping his style, though I have a sneaking suspicion he played a role in the time travel shenanigans that have happened so far. The episode also brought back a couple of characters from last season, I won’t spoil it for you in this review but it was nice to have that connection to past seasons. I can’t stress enough how well this season has started and can’t wait to see what happens next week.

One quick follow up from the beginning of the season premiere, during the “Previously on Eureka” segment there was a scene showing Carter and a holographic Tess breaking up. A lot of fans were surprised by this, because it didn’t exactly jive with last season’s finale and wasn’t part of any episode last season. Jaime Paglia, the show’s co-creator and executive producer tweeted that they took that from a deleted scene from a previous episode, but they would include the whole scene in the end of season DVD. I’m kind of surprised they did this, it’s basically a cheat and confused a lot of the Eureka fans out there. It would have almost been better if they didn’t show that scene and just had everyone else in town refer the breakup during Carter’s walk through the town at the beginning of the episode.

Also, remember that next week’s episode of Eureka “All the Rage” has a very special guest star, Wil Wheaton!

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