MEMPHIS BEAT “Polk Salad Annie” Review

Memphis Beat - Jason Lee, Sam Hennings

In this week’s episode of MEMPHIS BEAT, titled “Polk Salad Annie”, the case centers on something that I’m sure is near and dear to many a Memphian’s heart – the Memphis Barbecue Festival (and yes, I totally had to Google the term “Memphian”). A man famous for his barbecue is stabbed at the festival and the precinct goes on the trail to find out who did it and why. The trail leads them to the man’s sister and then it’s up to Sutton to get the woman to confess by going undercover and doing his best to woo her.

What I’m starting to find interesting about this show is that a lot of the time, Dwight figures out who is the culprit of a crime pretty quickly. Sometimes it even happens before the third act, but then they have to prove it, which is easier said than done.

It’s interesting because it goes against the standard crime drama/procedural shows, where they spend the whole time finding out who did it and once they do, the show is over. I like that Memphis Beat changes things up a bit.

My favorite bits…

Drooling over all the yummy-looking barbecue.

Lieutenant Rice telling Dwight a tie would look “pretty” on him as a way to get him to wear one. Pretty good trick, that.

Whitehead asking “how are we supposed to find one hog farmer in this crowd of pigs?” LOL, great line.

Dwight telling the hog farmer that they could make prison “like speed-dating”.

Dwight spotting a suspect’s name as an alias because it was the same as a guy in the Rolling Stones. Uh oh….I sure hope that Sam and Dean from Supernatural don’t end up in Memphis, cuz it doesn’t look like Dwight would put up with any of their nonsense. Hmmm…sure would make for a pretty good fanfic though.

The Lieutenant’s son being picked up for drunk and disorderly, and of course let’s not forget public urination. The best part was the fact that he looked WAY more scared of his mama than a whole precinct of cops.

Sutton quickly getting over the “childlike way with women” remark when he found out that he was going under cover.

Dwight playing Cyrano De Bergerac and coaching Sutton on how to talk to Anneliese in the bar. Actually when he relaxed and was just being himself, I found Sutton to be quite charming.

Getting worried that Sutton was falling for the woman he’s supposed to be entrapping while undercover. Hasn’t he watched ANY cop shows? That never works out well, my friend.

Red coming back from the “dead”, ruining the sting and taking off not only with his sister but with Sutton too. Oh noes!

Sutton breaking “character” and telling the story about his brother to get the siblings to make peace. Aw, way to go, Sutton!

Dwight and Rice’s argument about who meddles more….hmmm, I kinda think they’re both guilty.

Overall I liked this episode because it gave one of the secondary characters in the show a chance to shine.