WAREHOUSE 13 “Mild Mannered” Review (Season 2 Episode 2)

A Detroit vigilante is running through walls and putting criminals in comas in the “Mild Mannered” episode of WAREHOUSE 13. After first suspecting a beat cop and Loretta the pie shop owner, Pete and Myka zero in on Sheldon, a former factory worker turned pie counter person as “The Iron Shadow,” a comic book hero (Pete’s a big fan). Unfortunately the amount of energy Sheldon is creating threatens to destroy both him and Detroit and it’s up to Claudia to find the solution. She does in the form of Myka in a specially designed Catwoman type suit that can absorb all of Sheldon’s energy and then release it via what looks like Nina Sharpe’s arm from Fringe. At the warehouse, Artie is haunted by MacPherson while Claudia will still barely speak to Leena.

Firefly reunion alert! It was great to see Jewel Staite and Sean Maher together again as the shyly yearning Loretta and Sheldon. Maher was especially good juggling unassuming Sheldon and super hero Iron Shadow. There were no real twists (at least none that weren’t obvious), but it was a fun story with the added benefit of Pete dorking out over comic books and wanting to wear the super suit until he learned it would make him impotent. I’m not sure how the bag of super suit Claudia brought turned into Myka’s super-tight dominatrix ensemble, but we’ll go with it.

Even though last week’s season premiere ended the MacPherson era, MacPherson was all over “Mild Mannered”. An even crankier than usual Artie can’t get over his survival and MacPherson’s death, so he sees MacPherson all over the warehouse and tries to exorcise him by putting Rasputin’s prayer rope into the heaviest duty washer ever. This gives Claudia the lines of the night: “First he blows up the warehouse, then he dies in it, and now he’s haunting it. Dude, go into the light already” and (doing her best Tangina from Poltergeist) “This house is clean.” Even after finding a watch and note from MacPherson, Artie clearly has a lot to sort out. So does an even more irritating than usual Leena. She and Claudia eventually make up, but Leena has a strange, red flashing moment and worriedly calls Mrs. Frederick. I’m thrilled it looks like MacPherson’s effects will be felt throughout the season. He was a terrific character who wreaked serious havoc and should not be easily forgotten.

On the lighter side, Myka’s boxes from home finally arrived, so she danced around her room at the boarding house in bunny slippers and the world’s ugliest pants while she put books away. Pete’s still waiting, but the gang fixed his room up a bit and Myka bought him an Iron Shadow comic. With all the talk this episode between Leena and Claudia about the WAREHOUSE 13 crew being a family, it was nice to end on a note that showed it as perfectly as Pete and Myka flopped on a bed with a comic and Twizzlers.

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