PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “There’s No Place Like Homecoming” Episode 6 Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "There's No Place Like Homecoming" Episode 6

Secrets just keep bubbling to the surface and threatening to spill over on episode 6 of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”. Luckily for the girls, they are still able to keep the secrets in check. Barely. As it was secrets that got the girls in the “A” predicament in the first place, you would think they would have learned their lesson. Of course, as we learned this week, Rosewood is full of secrets.

Aria really wants to tell the girls that she is actually mourning the loss of the teacher, Mr. Fitz, and not the ever-declining status of her parents’ relationship. However, she already promised Mr. Fitz she hadn’t told anyone, so for now she keeps mum. It must cut like a knife every time Hanna mentions her father sleeping with his student in such a derogatory manner. At least Mr. Fitz isn’t married, right?

Poor Emily. Everything she does just ends up messy. I actually think Emily’s secrets have secrets. First there is the Mia situation which at least one person, Hanna, has knowledge. We now know that Toby has had suspicions. Toby is Emily’s other secret. How she managed to hide hanging out with him from the girls is baffling. Oh, wait. She stood him up for every public event before homecoming. Nothing to see here, folks.

Spencer’s family has decided to deal with her secret, cheating on the essay contest, the best way they know how, by pretending it doesn’t exist. Makes perfect sense that it would be more embarrassing to the family to issue a retraction. But we all know, in Rosewood, someone else will expose her secret and the ramifications will be much worse for Spencer and her family. Even more so if a family member is behind the expose, don’t you think?

Hanna has taken it upon herself to aid Emily in hiding one of her secrets, the kiss with Mia. This leads to a misunderstanding on Emily’s part, the wrong date at the homecoming dance and hurt feelings all the way around. Hanna plows through life like a bull in a china shop destroying everything in her wake. It is unintentional which just makes it even sadder. I also think that Sean lost more than his date to the dance and his queen for the night. I predict Hanna starts dating the geeky guy who is pretty charming in his own way and that they will give “sexercise” a whole new meaning. I am kind of rooting for the geek. I like the softer side of Hanna. But will Hanna risk dethroning herself permanently by breaking class lines?

Aside from the secrets, other things surfaced this week. Toby has a tattoo that reads, “901 free at last” which later is linked by the girls to the date Alison disappeared. After tonight’s OMG revelation about Toby and Jenna’s relationship, I think that the tattoo has a different meaning all together. In a flashback we get to see exactly what Alison threatened Toby with. Apparently, it wasn’t Toby that was the peeping Tom and apparently Alison observed a little bit more than one would expect while peeping through windows.

Following that creepy reveal was the equally creepy scene of an unknown person changing the Rosewood population sign, reducing the amount by one number. Is that for Alison or are we supposed to believe that Emily was in some real danger tonight?

This episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS brought the shock, the creepiness and the gasp. Next week I would like to see more involvement with “A.” Do I say that every week? I do like the new creative ways of communication – fortune cookies and fortunes. I don’t think the girls are feeling that fortunate right now.

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