Melina Kanakaredes (Stella) Leaving CSI: NY

Melina Kanakaredes

In crazy news of the day, here’s one: Melina Kanakaredes is leaving CSI: NY. And no she wasn’t fired, according to Michael Ausiello she was offered a new deal, but decided to move on. And here’s an even worse news for her fans, it seems that her las episode might have already aired.

The actress currently in talks to replace her is Once and Again‘s Sela Ward (who was also more recently seen on House).

It seems that the shake ups keep coming at CBS, in addition to Melina Kanakaredes, A.J. Cook is out of Criminal Minds, Eddie Cibrian won’t return to CSI: Miami, and Liz Vassey is out of CSI as well. You almost have to wonder who will be next.

But for now the more important questions is will you continue watching CSI: NY with Melina Kanakaredes gone? And if you do, what do you think of Sela Ward as a replacement?

  • Demi

    Well… i knew that there would be chenges as always.. but i thought that maybe they would be focused on the Danny/lindsey situation.. mainly because of the cliffhanger we were left with.

    I love csi:ny and without Stella… I am seriously sceptical. I cant believe that i ONLY JUST found out!

    I am close to tears… i dont think that this change will be in the best interest for show at all… Well im gonna give it a chance but if i dont like it.. i am just gonna give up and focus on the last 6 seasons which were amazing!

    thanks for the update 🙂

  • Kristina Boyd

    OMG, I love Stella .. what is the deal .. all the best people keep leaving my favorite shows … It sucks !!! I dont understand why the CSI NY is on Friday nights .. This is the best out of them all .. Bring Stella BACK !!!!!!!

  • carole

    New gal was not at all pleasing. I miss Stella and her cool manner. Want her back. Get rid of the “know it all” new babe!

  • valerie

    I loved Sela Ward on Sisters…..I wont miss Stella..she isnt the greatest actress. Her CSI remarks didn’t compare to Horatios on Miami. I think it’s a good change for the show.

  • Rachel

    Ok, so I really don’t understand WHY she left, even though she was offered a better contract. But I would like to know HOW you are planning to explain why the hell she left. You can’t exactly say she died. Or bring her back for an episode just to kill her off. Or is that some way to try and bring her back onto the show? STELLA COME BACK!!!!

  • Kathy

    I will miss Melina aka Stella but Sela Ward is also very good. I really like all of the character’s on the CSI’s and am sure that Sela will fit right in.

  • arusa

    bring back stella
    we love u stella come back, i dont like sela i love stella, csi will never be the same again, stella’s my favourite character, and i probably wont watch csi as much now that shes gone
    csi take away all the good characters like eddie cibrian, angel, eric delko and now stella, its not good
    i want stella back, and when she comes i will be happy
    i love you stella XXXXX

    • Marija

      i agree with yo. Stella has to come back and save the show. it is difficult to replace her because f the energy she had with the team, especially Mac.
      And you are right- all the good characters are leaving. I am still trying to at least get used to CSI LV without Grissom….


        stella has gone from csiny because of a pay cut and now sella is on csiny and she is a beautiful smart actress with talent

  • Susan

    I liked Stella and won’t watch it now that Sela Ward (I just learned her name) is on it. Honestly, I can’t stand to look at her. She looks like some Vulcan. Sorry, but there’s pretty and then there’s well, grotesque.


      dear susan i think you need glassed because sela is better looking than stella who wears tons of makup and tight shirts.

      • Margaret_ellison

        she’s had one faclift too many!!

  • gina

    I wont watch the show with out stella and thats just the way it is.

  • Roo

    I love csi ny! i always will always have. Melina, csi ny will be very different without you but i am always going to love you … 🙂 and no i am not a creep i am only 15 who has gone through alot(22 surgeries in 8 months) and i really love this show.

  • Brenda

    I barely starting watching this CSI New York on and off about 2 years already… and Estella and Mac were eye catching and that will made me go watch it more often… The show doesn’t seem right with out her … I love her personality and hope she returns back to the show soon…. STELLLA come back!!

  • mary

    no csi:ny for me…..mac was the bore…you can’t take out the main character that we loved…

  • Manfred Israel Ketzlach

    The replacement for Stella is pathetic. The writers must have left with her too. Good Bye, CSI NY


      you must likke melina because of her tiigth shirts and because she show off her breasts

  • Tracy

    So sad about Stella leaving, escpecially when there wasn’t closure. Will not watch Sela Ward, she’s toooooo predictable and monotone, and probably would be better on Desparate Housewives!!!

  • jeanne

    I think Melina Kanakardes is an awesome actress but her part in CSI NY was just to bland for her with no chemistry on her part as she had in ” Providence” she was a super star there.

    I love the new Sela Ward and the chemisty she offers the show. Makes it far more interesting than before.

    Melina needs to stick with her passion so it shows.

  • Sarah

    I loved Stella and was surprised she is gone. I decided to give Sela Ward a chance and she has been very good. I’ll miss Stella but will continue to watch the show. Two that broke my heart by leaving are Gil, on CSI: Las Vagas and Mandy on Criminal Minds. Those two shows will never be the same without those two stars.

  • juli niemann

    Sela Ward is not as dynamic and the chemistry isn’t there. Will give several episodes to decide.

  • juli niemann

    Stella was a very good counterpart to Mac and Sella Ward isn’t there yet. Maybe her character will develop but for now she is not very interesting.

  • Liz Pulver

    CSINY is still great. Just dont loose anyone else. At least on this show the ladies go to the crime scene in slacks, wear booties not so on CAI Miami its a laugh to see them go to a crime scene in their spike heals

    • Harry

      I’ll second that – the slacks and booties are a far more realisting take on a work attire, and ethics, not like in CSI Miami where all the female cast dress (pardon the honesty) like sluts, in stiletto heels and blouses cut so low you can see the “boob split” and then some. What kind of professional image does that dress code project? In a real police work environment (yes, I’m a cop), besides the usual uniform, the dress code is professional and fairly strict. After all, the public forms opinion on your work, and an overal performance of your department, not only from your stats but from the way you present yourself, too.

  • catracha

    I´m a fan of melina, she is so hot, but a like Sela Ward too,, she is so pretty and a good actress too..

  • howard rosss

    Make Stella a better offer, not the same. Ho Hum

  • Darlene

    I absolutely love the character that Sela Ward brings to this show. It was getting tired with Melina, and I have always loved Gary. I believe that Sela will bring out a whole different storyline to the show. She is enchanting in so many ways that Melina was not. Much more seasoned actress. Love the new season as I had almost packed it in on this show.

  • Harry

    Yeah sure you betcha! I’ll keep watching CSI NY after Melina Kanakaredes is gone. Actually, after seeing several episodes without Melina, I think Sela Ward is better suited to the role anyway. Sela is far more entertaining to watch – she is intelligent, level-headed, funny, projects a sexy body image, and is more in touch with reality (has issues but deals with them and moves on, not like Melina and her abusive relationship baggage). She makes an excellent partner to det. Taylor (Gary Sinise), and seems to get along with everyone she encounters, and still get her job done.
    The change was a good one and I enjoy the series even more now than before.

  • Judy

    My husband & I don’t like Stella’s replacement. No disrespect to Sela Ward,but the new character is nothing but a smart alec, (the nicest way I can think to put it), & it really stinks & cheapens the character of Mac Taylor that they have him following her around & all but drooling over her.

  • iyanna

    I dont watch CSI:NY anymore because Stella is gone..She was my favorite character.But now i just watch reruns on the internet (the one’s with Stella in it).


      whwhy are you mad a sela it was melinas choice to leave csiny and personally season7 is the best show on tv

      • Ima1121

        Stella and Mac have this chemistry; that wowed the viewers.. bring her back…

  • Michelle

    I want to see what happens with Danny and Lindsay and I might watch a few episodes that involve mainly Mac but the fact is that the main reason I watched the show was Stella and to have her last scene mention nothing of an impending departure makes it worse almost as if she was just brushed off. So I think that after the season 7 premiere I will not watch anymore CSI: NY unless a miracle occurs and she returns.

    • LaVerne Snader

      I have watched all of the CSI shows since almost the very beginning. I do not like Sela Ward in Melina’s place – she has no
      pizazz. Melina was my favorite character, and if I miss an episode now, it doesn’t bother me. I also do not like the fact that there was no closure. It’s like going to the grocery store and finding the most wonderful food that you just love, and then they quit carrying or making it.

  • Chipmunkflyer

    bring back Stella …..not keen on Sela Ward …too smug and a right clver clogs

  • selly48

    Sure is bad news Melina has left csi ny but the show will go on with sela ward in place. Now I like Melina but I also like Sela, but which one is the best? There’s only one way to find out!!!! “FIIIIGGGHHHHT” Now that would be worth watching!!

  • Marija Martinovic

    i want Stella back! her replacement is not working at all. i cant see the energy she had with Mac and others. they felt like a team. i hope they can persuade her to come back.

  • Maria

    OMG!! I’m soo mad tht Stella/Melina left!! CSI: NY won’t be the same without her!! N the new lady whatever her name is…oh wait it’s Sela Ward is ok but Stella was way much better…sorry Sela but I’d rather Melina than you. 🙁 I hope that no one else quits or else…I love CSI:NY!!!

  • M8R-pkd05o

    Bring back Stella!! Sela’s character is terrible! If not Stella, find someone else.

  • Jayniebrainie

    Sela Ward is awful, she has made boring into an art form. She is totally expressionless and her acting is wooden. She makes a snail look full of vitality. Get rid of her please as she is ruining the show for me.

  • Sammyb1971

    Although I liked the character of Stella, I do think Sela Ward replacing her as ‘Jo’ is doing an ecellent job. she’s a very different character to Stella, and in my opinion a great addition to the CSI: NY team. Gets my vote!

    • Ima1121

      maybe because you might be working for the network…

  • Sammyb1971

    Can I please point out that British people DO NOT talk with plums in their mouths and silver spoons up their bums! I’m getting REALLY fed up with hearing the totally crap, monotone, upper-crust “British” accents on all 3 of the CSI shows. Only a few % of Brits actually speak ‘posh’ – the majority of us (in the South East at least) speak like the English bloke on Crossing Jordan…

    A note to CBS / CSI / NCIS / other American shows… if you’re going to have a ‘British’ character in an episode, then either hire a real Brit with a proper British accent, or change the character to American. ‘Nuff said…

  • Nuch

    Would like to know why Stela is out ,, and will gone forever?


      melina quit for the money

  • Ima1121

    I thought that Stella / Melina Kanakaredes was taking a break.  The last thing I would think that she’s not coming back.. I don’t like her replacement.  I don’t watch CSI NY anymore..  It’s not the same.

  • Margaret_ellison

    Sela Ward is crap. Bring back Stella!!!