HUGE (ABC Family) “Live Action Role Play” Review

Huge (ABC Family) Live Action Role Play

After an information overload from last week’s episode of HUGE, I was hoping to see more plot development in this week’s episode, entitled “Live Action Role Play”. I am ready to move forward after being inundated with clues about dysfunctional families, insecurities, and secrets. But this was not to be. The show continues to lay the ground work for the characters’ psyches. Self-doubt and uncertainty are major themes in this episode of Huge, centering specifically on Becca and Dr. Rand.

With Will’s help, Becca starts a larping club, but in order to actually get people to join, Will completely changes Becca’s rules and make-believe universe. At their meeting place, they run into Will’s classmates who are from the tennis camp next door. Insert taunts and fat jokes here. Amber is accepted into the “cool” clique for a millisecond. She and Chloe have boys on the mind in the whole episode, and frankly are rather mean to everyone. In the middle of all the larping, Ian is perplexed by how to tell Alistair to take a shower. It turns out body image issues prevents Alistair from taking a shower in front of others. Finally, we learn that Dr. Rand has some sort of past relationship with the patronizing director from the tennis camp.

Because this is a new teen drama with a clever concept, I was willing to withhold judgment and temporarily hold back on commentary. But it is now the third episode; and I’m worried that Huge is not going to last past the first season. The show is clearly a character-driven story; the characters and emotions are believable and realistic. And the show is truly entertaining. I mean how cute is Alistair? Even viewers who aren’t overweight can relate to the group dynamics and personalities portrayed here. But will this keep the audience interested? Huge is different from the rest of ABC Family’s main lineup. It does not have the soap opera style elements that the other shows have. There are no quick twist and turns that hold your attention from week to week. I fear that the lack of action will have a negative impact on Huge. It would be a shame for the show to be cancelled, because it has such an important underlying message of living life to the fullest in a healthy way (both physically and mentally). With such potential, I haven’t given up on the show yet, but I do get bored easily. So let’s hope for a camp tryst, a rabid raccoon, or…a broken toe at least?