THE GOOD GUYS “Small Rooms” Review


In the “Small Rooms” episode of THE GOOD GUYS, we learn why you shouldn’t sell guns to Guatemalans, why Dan is now banned from the evidence room, and also why he hates small rooms. In the midst of Dan and Jack organizing the evidence locker, we get to meet Liz Traynor’s mom (Frances Fisher), who came to report her avocado green 1989 Cutlass (otherwise known as “The Worlds Ugliest Sedan”) stolen from her home. To spice things up, Dan decides to plant some evidence from a cold case at the Liz’s mom house. As they follow a lead from the planted evidence, they run into this week’s bad guys. The bad guys this week are sibling gun smugglers who are selling assault rifles (and high end kitchen fixtures) to a group of Guatemalans, who had previously killed the smuggler’s brother, Russell. Turns out that the evidence Dan had planted had Russell’s fingerprints, landing the detectives in the middle of the gun deal. The Guatemalans ask one brother smuggler to kill Dan and Jack, while the other one follows the trail of the stolen car, thinking Russell is still alive, which leads to Liz’s mom being held hostage. When Dan and Jack follow Russell’s evidence trail to a set of storage containers, where they find weapons and Russell’s body, leading to a shootout and one of Matt Nix’s trademark explosions. The climax of the episode has everyone: the gun smugglers, Dan, Jack, Liz, and Liz’s mom at the original scene of the car theft, where there’s another shootout and we learn how Russell really died. By the end of the episode, the brothers settle years of anger, the Cutlass is totaled, and Liz’s mom’s living room will need a new coat of paint.

Compared to some of the past episodes of The Good Guys, Matt Nix seems to have cut back on his explosions budget in “Small Rooms”, and it was a good changeup. There were lots of great Dan moments in this episode, from the uncomfortable flirting with Liz’s mom to calling a dead body in a box “murder leftovers”. I have to say that Frances Fisher was great in the episode, I liked her when she was on Eureka and hope she becomes a more regular character. The other interesting pairing in the episode were the Williams brothers, the gun smugglers, who were having a hard time balancing out one brother’s love of gun smuggling to the other’s love of selling high end kitchen fixtures. One of the best scenes in the episode was watching one brother react to hearing that it wasn’t the Guatemalans that killed Russell, it was kind of surprising how much hatred he had for the country and people of Guatemala. Jack and Dan had a pretty good episode, Whitford and Hanks are really doing a great job of playing their roles and their on screen chemistry is dead on. On the Jack / Liz front, this weeks seems to take us one step closer to the two of them getting back together, and they make a cute couple, I hope they continue to build the relationship up throughout the season.

The plot this week was a little more solid than the previous episode, “$3.52”, and I’m really starting to enjoy the connections and surprises that appear through the different parts of each case. In fact, this week I actually through Russell would appear alive at the end of the episode. The music this week, as has been the case every episode, was great, it really helped pace the show and fit in well with Dan and Jack. The writing has been solid so far through the season, and it’s nice to notice that they’ve toned down Dan a little and loosed Jack up a bit more, but the writers need to be careful not to push the characters too far in those directions. Next week’s episode of The Good Guys is called “Hunches & Heists”, and has our favorite small crimes detectives trying to figure out the location of a big bank robbery before it takes place.

So what did you think of “Small Rooms”? Do you think that Jack and Liz will finally get together or will Dan’s antics keep them apart?

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