MARY KNOWS BEST (Syfy) First Look

Mary Knows Best (Syfy)

Take a first look at Syfy’s new reality series MARY KNOWS BEST, which premieres Thursday, July 15, at 9PM (ET/PT).

Show Description: Mary Occhino, the matriarch of a proud Long Island Italian-American family, always takes her work home with her because communicating with the spirit world is a 24-hour job.
The series will chronicle the poignant and often funny situations that Occhino and her family get themselves into on a daily basis. A successful author, radio host, psychic intuitive and mother of three, Occhino touches the lives of nearly everyone she meets. Her children, Jackie, Chris and Carl, are a mismatched group of siblings consisting of a skeptic, a paranormal investigator and a reluctant psychic. In each episode, viewers will be introduced to an unforgettable cast of family characters including Occhino’s outspoken older brother, Charles, and Mary’s two adorable grandchildren.

Watch a promo and a clip of Mary introducing herself below.

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