LIE TO ME “Teacher and Pupils” Review

The more I watch LIE TO ME, the more I’m impressed with how many ways they come up with for Cal to use his skills. Finding murderers and various other assorted criminals was a given, even helping an executive negotiate a huge deal wasn’t a big surprise. But getting the truth from a man who can’t speak? No, that’s not one I would not have predicted.

In tonight’s episode of Lie To Me, titled “Teacher and Pupils”, that is precisely was Cal has to do after a police officer is shot and seriously wounded. The man can barely move his eyes and the police need Cal’s help to find out who did it. They find the culprit right away but still have more work to do as it becomes apparent that there’s more going on than just one punk kid shooting a cop. As it turns out, the officer was shot because he got in the middle of some crooked cops involved in a rent scam.

My favorite bits…

Being quite a bit surprised that Cal was willing to take on a student….though I’m sure the money didn’t hurt at all.

The way Cal was able to read a man who was completely paralyzed. I just couldn’t get over how much he could see from just the guy’s pupils.

The way that Cal discovered which apartment belonged to the bad guy by hollering out “who wants to be strip searched?” and watching
everyone run. Call me crazy but I think if there was a different crowd (like, say a few women) in the hallway, I think there would’ve been a lot less running and a lot more hands going up for volunteers….oh c’mon girls, y’all know you were thinking it.

I love it when Tim gets a chance to use his American accent. That call over the radio claiming to be a sniper was brilliant.

Cal translating a dying man’s last words and then being able to spot the moment that he left….even with his body still breathing. That tore me apart.

Emily being able to spot a lie on her father’s face. Haha, looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Cal and Foster giving a complete demonstration of who they are and what they do by just telling one (fairly funny) joke.

The look Cal gave that cop when the guy made a veiled threat to his daughter. For a second there, I thought Cal was gonna kill the scumbag right then and there.

The way Cal got the two cops together and slowly broke one of them down, bit by bit. Man, I almost felt sorry for the guy.

Cal actually taking a swing at the cop! Whoa!

Finding out that Clara is going to be involved with The Lightman Group. Hmm…interesting.

Overall a pretty intense episode that strayed a little bit from its standard format by having only one case to be solved. As a result, we didn’t get to see as much of the other characters as we normally would, but I still found it to be a very good episode and am intrigued to see what happens with the new character that has been added to the show.