HUNG (HBO) Review”Tucson Is the Gateway to D.’ or ‘This Is Not Sexy”

Thomas Jane in HUNG (HBO) Season 2

This week’s episode of HUNG “Tucson Is the Gateway to D.’ or ‘This Is Not Sexy” was all about coaching. Ray was coaching the school softball team and paying for vans to transport the kids back home after their away games. I have a feeling that someone is going to start noticing the amounts he is spending on the kids and wondering how he could possibly afford that on a teacher’s salary. Let alone a teacher’s salary in a struggling school district. Ray also tried to use his coaching skills on one of his clients, Claire. Remember the pregnant lady from last week whose husband left her? Ray tried to encourage Claire to return to her husband mostly because he was having regrets and lingering feelings for Jessica. Claire, however, just wants what she paid for, as the rest “isn’t sexy.”

Speaking of Jessica, after receiving some much needed advice from her old school mother, she decides that perhaps a date night with Ray is not a good idea as they are divorced and she is married to another man. This leaves Ray shocked and surprised when an entourage shows up at the bowling alley including “some random Polish lady.” I think we all need some random Polish ladies in our life. Where else can you get gems of wisdom such as “You want husband, open your legs. You want divorce, open your mouth” or “Hormones calm down after you have sex. You were a happy teenager because you were a slut.” Of course, this is the same woman who last week remarked about her own granddaughter’s private moments and the size of her fingers. I can only hope that grandma makes a weekly appearance, as she never ceases to invoke a chuckle.

Speaking of characters I love and want to see more of, Charlie the pimp returns next week to dispense more advice to poor Tanya who is grappling for control over Ray and Happiness Consultants. It sounds like Charlie tells Tanya to get rid of Lenore. I have to say that is a good idea. Two pimps for one escort can only lead to trouble. Then when you add in their completely different business and sales personalities, you end up with Lenore trying to sell a spa in Tucson as a gateway to sex and Tanya just blurting out a description of a discreet special journey that ends in sexual satisfaction. In the end, I think Tanya will win mostly due to her awkward, approachable, frankness. Who can resist a croissant basket?

Meanwhile, with the two pimps fighting each other, no one is really managing Ray. Sure Lenore came down on him after getting a complaint from Claire, but I am quite sure that neither Lenore nor Tanya would have been happy had they known Ray offered to spend the night with Claire for $400 when she was ready to hand him $1,000. Not good business, Ray. Therein lies the problem. Ray went into this business because he needed the money. However, Ray is finding it increasingly difficult to be “all business” with the women that pay him. First it was thinking of his ex-wife while with Claire, now it is offering Claire unsolicited marriage advice and taking a reduced fee for his services. I think we will see more of Ray coming through in his encounters. It will be interesting to see how Lenore and Tanya handle the evolving Ray.

Tell me, Hung fans, if you had to choose a pimp, would it be Lenore or Tanya?

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(Photo: Courtesy of HBO)