TRUE BLOOD “9 Crimes” Review

True Blood (HBO) Season 3 Episode 4

After waiting for two weeks TRUE BLOOD finally returned tonight with an all new episode, “9 Crimes.” And as much as I love True Blood I did feel a little disappointed because the episode didn’t move the story along much. Hell, even the cliffhanger wasn’t that exciting (but more on that later). Let’s face it though, was this episode still amazing compared to most other TV episodes, hell yes, but was it amazing compared to other True Blood episodes? Not so much. So let’s talk about it.


So Sookie got dumped by Bill, well that sucks (pun not intended), but she also got a makeover fun! Although I have to say, Sookie needs to start thinking a little more before finding herself in life-threatening situations like in the middle of a pack of werewolves phasing, I’m just saying.
Of course I still love her and can’t wait to see the hell that will rain on Bill when she finds him, cause you know she will.


Someone needs to kill Lorena and free Bill, seriously! She is the ultimate psycho and worst of all he can’t even kill her himself because she made him, how messed up is that. Hopefully the King of Mississippi will keep the agreement to get rid of her.


So Eric can fly… that is soooo cool! Oh wait that was a dream and so was him and Sookie making out, damn!
Actually things got really bad for Eric this episode with the Magister finding out about him selling V. Oh and how nice of him to throw Bill under the train (and yes I know Bill did betray them first). I wonder if all of this will ever be traced back to the Queen…


Sam is still dealing with his family and even though they abandoned him, he is pretty much taking care of all of them now. Unfortunately, Sam’s storyline is going back to being pretty boring, let’s add some vampire drama in the mix, how about that?


Franklin is kind of freaky but dammit I still like him. However, we still don’t know why he wants to know so much about Bill… intriguing…


Tara is really unlucky in love isn’t she? After avoiding the whole vampire scene for two seasons she finally gets involved with one and he turns out to be a psycho who kidnaps her. And where does he bring her? To the King of Mississippi’s house (or should I say mansion) of course


Jason and his logic are just freaking hilarious. I would love to be able to hear his thoughts, maybe they could write a book about it, “Random Thoughts” by Jason Stackhouse. Just a thought.
But back to the episode, who would’ve thought Jsaon was smart enough to blackmail Andy?! And I’m even more worried that it’s going to work an make him a cop. Not sure if that’s a good thing yet.


Once again, we didn’t get much Jessica (or Hoyt) action in this episode, but Jessica did meet an old bible buddy and glamoured him into forgetting he had ever seen her. And of course Hoyt totally got the wrong idea when seeing the two. But this just seemed so random to me unless it’s something that comes back to haunt her later on in the season and Hoyt being mad at her doesn’t count, that’s too cliche.


I wouldn’t really call tonight’s end a real True Blood cliffhanger, because I wasn’t at the edge of my seat the way I usually am. It just felt like the end of an episode, which of course sucks because I want to see more, but the scene didn’t really end in the middle of an action or scene.

But overall, True Blood is still one of my favorite shows and as I mentioned previously even their weakest episode surpasses most TV episode any day of the week. So as always, I’m looking forward to next week, which based on the preview looked freaking amazing!

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you as underwhelmed as I was or did you love it? Let me know what you thought in the comments section (please avoid any book spoilers).