Exclusive Interview: Lindsay Pulsipher TRUE BLOOD Season 3

Lindsay Pulsipher TRUE BLOOD

Daemon’s TV recently got the chance to interview Lindsay Pulsipher who stars in the current Season 3 of TRUE BLOOD as the so far mysterious Crystal Norris.

Lindsay Pulsipher talked about who her character is and what we can expect in the coming episodes of True Blood, her audition experience, and teases us about the crazy season finale cliffhanger and her possible return in Season 4. So enjoy and make sure to watch True Blood on Sundays at 9pm on HBO. (Feel free to check out the photos and promos of tonight’s True Blood episode “9 Crimes”)

Last time we talked ‘The Beast’ was coming out on DVD and you were just starting ‘True Blood’. Can you talk about how you got involved with ‘True Blood’?

Lindsay Pulsipher: It was just a regular audition through my agent and my manager, they’d set it up. I had two auditions, both with Alan Ball in the room. The second one Ryan Kwanten auditioned with me and a few hours later I found out I got the part. It was a very fast process.

Was it nerve racking to have the creator in the room or have you been through that before?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I’ve experienced it before and to be honest it’s actually a relief for me. It’s one less step that I have to go through since he’s right there. It’s less stress.

Were you a fan of ‘True Blood’ before auditioning?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I was a fan of the show. I was a fan of Alan Ball’s previous project for sure and to be cast in a show that you’re already a fan of is a huge honor. It was very exciting.

Are you Team Eric or Team Bill right now?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I think it would be very interesting to see a Sookie/Eric relationship happen, mix it up. I think it’d be fun and interesting for the audience for sure.

Crystal is your character’s name though we haven’t found that out yet. Can you talk about who she is and what she’s going to be doing in the show?

Lindsay Pulsipher: She’s, as you saw in the second episode, in a meth lab and gets busted by the police and she’s kind of grownup on that compound and lived a very sheltered life. She hasn’t really lived outside of that drug world and when she’s sees Jason there in the woods I think something is sparked in her that she’s never really experienced before. That’s a life and possibly a relationship outside of her compound. This season you’ll definitely see a meeting between Jason and Crystal and a relationship blossom and explode.

Does she have a supernatural aspect to her or is she straight up human?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I guess you’ll have to just watch.

Should we expect some sexy scenes between you and Jason?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Definitely. I think that it wouldn’t be a Jason Stackhouse storyline if there weren’t. There’ll be some romps in the woods.

How was it shooting those intimate scenes with Ryan?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Those kinds of scenes, there’s so much going on outside of the actual work. You go into your professional mode and you don’t think too much outside of the work. Usually it’s not a big deal because it’s all about the work and it’s just another scene. I think you have to look at it through your character’s eyes as opposed to your own.

Does she get involved with any other characters on the show or is it just Jason?

Lindsay Pulsipher: No. She definitely has some interactions with some of the other characters. Without giving too much away she’ll definitely come into contact with some other people in Bon Temps, for sure.

Is there a character or actor that you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wish you’d had?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Actually, yeah, there’s about ten. It’s so funny. We joke that ‘True Blood’, especially this season, there are so many characters and storylines that we’re all kind of on our own separate little shows. There were a lot of characters that I’d really love to work with and I hope that next season I’ll get to.

Can you mention a name or two that you’d like to work with, without giving too much away?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Well, I guess I can’t answer that.

You mentioned next season. Does that mean she’ll be back?

Lindsay Pulsipher: You’ll have to wait and find out.

Any other hints about a favorite episode maybe that you shot, hints about something coming up for her?

Lindsay Pulsipher: The season finale is going to be incredible. We just wrapped. It’s going to be incredible, so exciting and there’s so much going on. There’s a lot of typical cliffhangers and it’s just really, really exciting.

It must be exciting to be done and now know everything that’s going to happen.

Lindsay Pulsipher: I know. I got that last script and I always get very excited to read all of them and the last script definitely didn’t disappoint.

How many episodes do you appear in this season?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Coming up this next week is when my character really starts to show up more. I’m going to be in nine episodes this season.

What’s the atmosphere on set like compared to other projects that you’ve worked on before?

Lindsay Pulsipher: It’s one of the most friendly and welcoming sets that I’ve ever worked on. Everybody is buddies and everyone is friends. There’s a lot of goofing off and joking around. It’s very easy to be on set. The crew and the cast get along just great and are constantly interacting with each other. There are no egos at all. It’s just a real fun set.

Have you experienced any of the fandom for the show?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I think because it is so early I haven’t yet. But I do know that ‘True Blood’ has an amazing fan base so who knows what’s in the future. For now it’s been pretty quiet as far as Crystal goes. Maybe once I’m on some more they’ll be more aware.

Are you going to Comic Con with ‘True Blood’?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I’m not going to be there this season but I know that there are going to be a lot of people and it’s going to be insane, really fun.

Have you been to Comic Con before?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I haven’t, no.

Can you talk about being on HBO versus A&E with ‘The Beast’; is there any difference?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I feel our generation is so blessed because we have such great television available now. I almost feel like our contribution to cinema is the great TV that’s coming out right now. I feel like every cable network are all producing such amazing TV and such great shows. I feel blessed to have been a part of two really amazing shows and I feel like our generation just gets to experience some of the best TV in history.

Any updates on ‘Do Not Disturb’?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I don’t have any details, as far as release dates but I do know that they’re getting ready to submit it to festivals. I’m guessing probably sometime later this year.

You’ve worked in television and film. Is there one that like you better and do you know what you’d like to do moving forward?

Lindsay Pulsipher: Like I said, with this generation of TV being so rich and so amazing. I feel like it’s right up there on par with film and so I’m happy to do both. I think that film gives you something that TV doesn’t and TV gives you different elements that you don’t get on a film set. I appreciate them both and I hope to continuing both of them.

How is it different as an actress preparing for a film as opposed to working in TV?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily easier to know everything upfront but I’d definitely say that TV will keep you on your toes. There’s always an element of surprise and spontaneity that comes with every new TV script, each new episode. With film you have time to really think about the character and see the whole process beforehand. You know the whole entire script and you know the story with a film. I feel like there’s some spontaneity that comes with TV that’s really exciting. Then there’s also some comfort in film knowing exactly what your character is going to go through. You get to see the whole picture. They’re definitely different but both exciting.

Lindsay Pulsipher TRUE BLOOD

(Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO)