DROP DEAD DIVA “Senti-Mental Journey” Review

Drop Dead Diva

Jane may have lost her boyfriend, Tony, on the last episode of DROP DEAD DIVA, but on tonight’s show, “Senti-Mental Journey,” she got both her parents back in her life. Although the show is usually emotional, Jane had to help her mom deal with some surprisingly dark inner demons tonight. Before things could get too serious, though, it ended with a family group hug, charades, and a chicken potpie. And really, shouldn’t every Sunday end that way?

Besides Rosie O’Donnell reprising her role as Judge Summers, Faith Prince was back as Elaine, Jane’s free-spirited—now bipolar—mother. As if poor Jane, reeling from her split from Tony, didn’t have enough problems, she has to play mother to her own mother. Her mom’s a hoot and I loved their scenes together, but having to be the adult in that relationship must suck for Jane. That’s why it was nice to see her mom admit she had a problem and her dad step up at the end. They’re not Deb’s parents, but you can tell that having a relationship with them is meaningful to her.

The client in this week’s case, a ripped from the headlines Bernie Madoff-style Ponzi scheme, was guest star Kellie Martin. I thought it was great to see her on TV again since I haven’t seen her in anything since ER, where her character was killed off in a spectacularly bloody and unforgettable scene. Grayson really took her case hard and I’m wondering if they are going somewhere with the story about his dad leaving when he was 3-years-old. It just seemed like a random thing to throw out there. Maybe we’ll find out he calls himself Sawyer Grayson after the man who ripped off his father…whoops, that was another show.

Speaking of Grayson, Kim and Parker are getting together to free up Grayson for Jane, right? RIGHT? I certainly hope that’s where they are going with those two.

I was so excited when the hot police officer was interested in Fred, but then he went and blew it by being brutally honest. What does he see in Stacy (“Maya Angelou is a resort in Mexico”) anyway?

“Senti-Mental Journey” was another emotional, touching episode for Drop Dead Diva. Plus, we were treated to Brooke Elliot’s fabulous singing voice once again (yay!). I think the show is really hitting its stride this season. Do you agree? What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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