ROOKIE BLUE “Fite Nite” Episode 3 Review


Episode 3 of ROOKIE BLUE was called Fite Nite. It could have been called My Hard Knock Life and was centered round an annual boxing night between police divisions.

This episode had all of the rookies working under Swarek to take down a cop-killing bullet dealer. Afterwards Andy and Grace handle a domestic violence case and Dov and Swarek try to get confessions out of their respective suspects while Chris tries to prep Traci for her upcoming fight and they all deal with their angst-ridden personal lives.

Andy is still struggling between helping as Andy and helping as a cop. As Andy, she broke a window when her father was passed out. As a cop, her compassion often outweighs good judgement. It was nice to see her paired up with the Hitchcock Blonde. Grace’s lack of empathy and her logic (something the other characters in this show have clearly never encountered) was refreshing: Woman gets beaten up by her husband is not her problem. Woman returning to her husband is not her problem, it just means woman is an idiot.

Unfortunately the show had to go ahead and ruin her, didn’t they? They had to give her…issues.

Issues: family issues, relationship issues, work issues, emotional issues. Rookie Blue is vomitrociously loaded with them. Andy’s father is a drunk who embarrasses her. Traci used to release her anger when she was called a slut, but now she’s graduated to the moaning school of verbal venting. Her boyfriend wants to write a report on her because she apprehended a suspect when she was supposed to stay in the truck. This is supposed to demonstrate that he cares about her. Dov’s parents were hippies who hated cops, which was the only thing they ever agreed on, yet he became one. Chris…well he’s happy and uncomplaining for now, which probably means he grew up in foster care and his parents are serial killers.

The creators have clearly never watched The Good Wife. If they had, they would have noticed a character called Kalinda who, throughout the whole 22 episode stretch, revealed only that she did once upon a time have parents, she likes leather jackets and boots and she may or may not be a lesbian. As a result, she has become a fan (especially this fan) favorite (yay Archie Panjabi for Emmy nom!) Rookie Blue does not take that route. Instead every tiff their characters have ever had with loved ones are divulged in impromptu therapy sessions. Who knew cops were so sensitive?

Rookie Blue‘s charm is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Even when Dov tackles a suspect to the ground, he comically slips. This episode was not as good as the previous two because it lacked the fun energy that was abundant and replaced it with unneeded melancholy. For all its flaws, Rookie Blue is still solid and whilst it veered off the trail this week let’s hope it will get back on it for episode 4.