Hayden Christensen Going All Darth Vader on USA Network Over ROYAL PAINS

Hayden Christensen

Actor Hayden Christensen is suing cable network USA over their series “Royal Pains.” The actor filed his lawsuit in New York District Court on Tuesday, with his brother Tove and Forest Park Pictures joining him in the suit against USA.

Christensen is claiming that the network stole his idea for a series about a doctor who carves out a niche making house calls to the rich and famous in Malibu. The complaint states that the Christensen brothers brought their idea for a series titled “Housecall” to Alex Pepiol, who used to be the manager of original scripted series programming for USA. The pair reportedly had a treatment, character biographies, and show ideas prepared at the time of the meeting. The two were never told by USA that any similar plan was already in the works.

The lawsuit filed by Christensen is not claiming copyright infringement however, instead taking a more successful path as of late in suing for idea theft. The suit is alleging, among other things, that USA is guilty of breach of implied contract and unjust enrichment. The duo are seeking profits earned by the “Royal Pains” concept and damages reportedly in the millions.

(Source: THR Esq)