Rumors are swirling that the ABC series BROTHERS & SISTERS may be coming to an end sooner than expected. The network committed to a rather light 18 episodes for the upcoming fifth season, and combined with the exit of two longtime cast members has led many to believe the end may be in sight for the show.

Longtime cast members Rob Lowe and Emily VanCamp recently left the show, adding fuel to the fire. However, according to EW, Network executives insist that there has been no discussion about ending the series. Producers have decided to leap forward a year in the series’ storyline in hopes that fresh places and situations for the characters can add life to the series.

Brothers & Sisters had a remarkable attraction to viewers of different generations, but the departure of key characters could damage the show’s future potential. VanCamp, upon confirming her exit from the show, said she felt her character Rebecca had run her course and that is was time for her to move on to other projects.

Any thoughts? Are you still a fan of Brothers & Sisters? Do you feel it’s time for the show to end? Share your thoughts below.

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