PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Reality Bites Me” Episode 5 Review

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This week’s episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, “Reality Bites Me”, really did show each girl getting a huge bite of reality with a few finding it harder to swallow than others. Let me start by saying that each of the four girls has daddy issues. Did you notice that too? Read with me and I will show you what I mean.

First we have Aria. Aria’s issue is her guilt about covering up her father’s affair and not telling her mother about it. Thanks to “A”, that is no longer a problem. Too bad Aria didn’t read A’s letter carefully, otherwise she would have realized that A never gave a timeframe and that perhaps telling her mother that she held on to this secret for well over a year was not a wise move. Aria seems to be dealing with her daddy issue by trying to date, well, her daddy. Does anyone else see the symbolism in her dating her older English teacher after her college teacher father has wronged her? Unfortunately, Aria got a big dose of reality when A outed the Fitz affair with a not so subtle text message. Why exactly did the girls unblock their phones? It seems Mr. Fitz liked their affair when it was a dirty little secret, but no so much when his friend caught a whiff of it or when A revealed she or he knew about it. Sound familiar, Aria?

Next there is Hanna. Poor Hanna. Her daddy issues are not even remotely suppressed. All Hanna wants is love. The only way Hanna knows how to feel love is through sex. Unfortunately, Hanna has chosen to date quite possibly the last remaining stud jock virgin in her school. The problem with Hanna is that she never seems to learn even when reality not only bites her, but also crashes a car and forces her to wear scrubs and ugly shoes at a dentist office. Hanna is so quick to want love; she cannot even hear the evasion in Sean’s voice. Of course, a quick turn as a holy roller virgin will change that, right?

Then we have Spencer. Spencer’s Dad has taught her to be competitive, ultra competitive even. Except when it doesn’t suit him. He also pays so little attention to Spencer beyond her achievements that he still buys her candy that she liked as a child. When the reality is that Spencer’s Dad isn’t so much into achievement as much as he is at winning at all costs, even at the expense of his daughter’s feelings, Spencer tries to destroy him the only way she knows how, by being him. Will Spencer’s father still buy her buttercreams after she admitted to cheating?

Finally we have Emily. We haven’t yet heard the story about Emily’s father, her relationship with him, or even if he is in the picture. All we know is that we never see or hear about him. Perhaps that is why Emily seems perpetually confused. Confused about Alison, confused about Mia, confused about Toby. I think Emily has a lot of issues and that they are just beginning to surface. Emily is definitely the most private of all of the girls and it may just be that Alison is the only one that knew the true Emily. Any thoughts on what lies beneath for this pretty little liar?

In nondaddy issue news, the girls have got to stop treating Jenna like she is deaf and mute in addition to being blind. How did Hanna think that Jenna would not feel her practically standing on top of her to read her lipstick name? Also, is it really that surprising that Jenna is in psychotherapy? After all, she was blinded by Alison who in turn forced Jenna’s own brother to take the fall. I am not sure there is enough psychotherapy to fix that mess.

Even though it made absolutely no sense for the girls to unblock their phones, it was fun to see A’s messages arrive almost instantaneously and now with video and pictures! How spooky was it that the video was shot from inside the closet? People hiding in closets creep me out!

And for those of you keeping track, that was the second photo booth picture to make its way to the public. Wonder where the other 98 will show up.

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