MEMPHIS BEAT “Love Her Tender” Review

Memphis Beat - Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard, Sam Hennings

This week’s episode of MEMPHIS BEAT, titled “Love Her Tender”, was about a young beauty queen who goes missing the morning of a pageant. As Dwight and Whitehead keep digging into her disappearance, they find a lot of suspects as well as a whole lot more questions. At first it appears the creepy son of the pageant director might be involved, then a rival beauty queen. Even the girls’ parents are suspects at one point after it is discovered that they lock her up in a shed when she doesn’t do as well in a pageant as they would like (oh yeah, parents of the year right there).

In the end though, it’s another difficult case for the officers as they find out that the young girl was pregnant and actually made herself disappear. She wanted to be with her boyfriend just in time to turn 18 and get out from under her parents’ control.

Once again everyone on the case has to decide between the letter of the law and doing what’s right. They decide to let young lovers go, waiting of course until morning when the girl is officially of legal age to make her own decisions.

My favorite bits…

I know it was wrong, but I couldn’t help giggling a little at Sutton telling the jumper all about himself and then talking about water treatments. It was so cute and sweet.

Dwight knowing immediately that the jumper’s problem was with a woman.

Is it wrong that I really like the way Dwight thinks about women? And no, I don’t really care how many women want to put buckshot in his ass.

Finding out that the reason Dwight seems to understand the pageant thing is that his ex used to be in them. Oh boy, that kinda explains a lot actually.

Giggling when they made the creepy guy think that they were gonna do something awful to his hand, when all they did was take a finger print.

Sutton being the only one to be able to translate the text speak on the phone. Now who woulda thunk that?

Sergeant Lightfoot calling a stab wound from his wife, ‘no big deal’. LOL.

After the beauty queen quoted a poem, Whitehead’s comeback being lyrics from a Johnny Cash song. Nice.

Finding out that I was right when I suspected that Dwight had arranged for everyone to buy Alex’s sandwiches. Oops, I had a feeling that wasn’t going to go well.

Dwight singing the title song at the end of the episode.

Alex grabbing Dwight by his belt and dragging him into the house. Okay yeah, that was totally sexy.

Sergeant Lightfoot taking Dwight’s advice to stop allowing his wife to treat him badly – by getting her arrested and then apologizing to her for it. Man, talking about an interesting marriage.

Overall I’m still really enjoying Memphis Beat. I like how Dwight can take the tiniest clues and piece them together to figure out what’s going on with a case. He doesn’t use fancy forensics or computer programs to do it either, just his own instincts. I also like how the show is playing with the idea of right and wrong and how there is often a gray area there – and how sometimes we have to make decisions based on what is more right for more reasons.