BURN NOTICE “Neighborhood Watch” Review

Burn Notice

In “Neighborhood Watch,” BURN NOTICE Michael, Fiona and Sam try to grab mystery killer from last week’s ending, the kinda sexy Kendra (Florida native Navi Rawat), offering her the old-school computer discs she wants. Fi’s not crazy about Michael’s phone flirting, either. Mom Maddy recruits the team to help a clinic in a poor neighborhood being terrorized by local drug dealers. The doctor, David (Benito Martinez) wants to just call the police, but relents. With the help of local druggie informant Sugar, they find out the gang is headed up by strip club-based psychotic Cutler (Rhys Coiro), who is one mean S.O.B. At first a con is planned with Michael as sleazy peddler pharmaceutical grade goods, but after the dealers try to trash and torch the clinic, everyone -but Mike at first – votes to run him out of town hard. It’s Maddy who says it has to look like David’s standing up to them, citing a story of Michael and his little brother. The move works, once lots of blasts and firepower come into play. Also, Michael agrees again to meet after some misses with Kendra, who pulls a blade on him. But he manages to take her down and he and Sam toss her in a trunk.

Though it’s back to the help the helpless Burn Notice formula, this one’s full of viewer satisfaction. Cairo’s Cutler is such an a-hole, you want to see him hurt. Also, the banter between Michael and Kendra is near-lusty, which ticks off Fi in a fine way. Jesse shows he can handle himself when compromised. And Sam is, well, Sam. Need a truck? He’ll score one. Dressed as an outdoor mall security guard? No problem. Sometimes Bruce Campbell almost steals the show. Also great, the way Sharon Gless’ Maddy can put ex-superspy son Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) in his place to the point of pouting.

No show next week, but in two weeks, we’ll see what the story is with Kendra and how it ties into the murder death of the gun-runner she’s supposed to have killed. The layers just keep on growing here.

Darryl Morden – That Writer Guy