MEMPHIS BEAT “Baby, Let’s Play House” Review

Memphis Beat - Baby, Let's Play House

This is turning out to be quite the week of great guest stars on some of my favorite shows. First I get Enver Gjokaj and Alona Tal on Lie To Me last night and now it’s Juliette Lewis on MEMPHIS BEAT. I’m starting to feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Titled ‘Baby, Let’s Play House’, tonight’s episode of Memphis Beat was about a family that has fallen completely apart. A deadbeat of a father and husband turns to selling pot, beating on his wife and children and ends up getting himself (no shock here) shot to death. Dwight and his team are called in on the case and it ends in quite the double twist. The mother who first admitted to committing the crime, before her son admitted that he did it, turns out to have been the one who did it after all.

The final twist for me though came in the very end when, instead of sending the mother to jail, everyone on the case allowed the boy to take the blame so that the youngest child could have a chance at a normal life.

My favorite bits…

Dwight staring down the graffiti artists until they took off running. Hell, I probably would have started running too.

I must have missed it last week but I’m really digging how they’re putting the cast member’s names into various objects in the opening credits. Really great affect.

Finding out the woman Dwight is in bed with was his ex-wife? Uh oh, that can’t end well.

Dwight’s momma and Lieutenant Rice discussing Spanx and skinny jeans. LOL.

Dwight not realizing that Alex’s text had a lot more than just words in it. Okay so he’s not only sleeping with his ex but he’s also getting naked texts from her? Oh boy.

Being happy to see that Rice is now backing Dwight up on his hunches.

Okay I had no idea what the heck Dwight was doing with the guns, but it was pretty cool to watch anyway.

The way Rice talked to the kid. I’m sure he didn’t want to see any men by then and not only that, but as a mother, she seemed to know exactly what to say to him. It was a great scene.

Dwight taking Rice’s advice and trying to back his mother’s joy by going to dinner with her and her new boyfriend…but still not being able to help talking about his dad the whole time. Aw.

Finding out that the wife was actually the one who did the shooting after all. Wow, I didn’t see that coming.

Dwight getting the shock of his life when he brought breakfast to his momma and saw that she had herself an overnight visitor. Um…can we say ‘awkward’?

Dwight wisely putting down the phone and going back to playing his guitar after hearing his ex’s message on his machine. Good boy.

Overall this was a much more serious episode and I liked how it brought up a very complicated issue – one that appeared to almost have no right answer.