PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Can You Hear Me Now?” Review


So it only took four episodes for the girls to smarten up and block all unknown senders from their phones. Problem solved, right? No more text messages from the mysterious A threatening to spill their secrets, right? No such luck. If A cannot use the tech age to reach the girls, she will use whatever means necessary – even a music dedication. I am just waiting for a message in a bottle to appear.

This week, Hanna’s father blows into town after abandoning Hanna and her mother without a second glance and bringing along with him a new fiancée and future stepsister for Hanna, who seems less than thrilled. Although her father pretended he did not know about Hanna’s recent legal troubles that resulted in yet another police visit to Hanna’s house, his snide joke about not letting her drive told otherwise. Meanwhile, Hanna’s mom is probably thankful for her ex and his money as that is one less cop she will have to sleep with.

Remember Spencer’s hasty decision last week to submit her sister’s essay as her own for class? Well, of course, it was brilliant. And of course her teacher wants to submit it into a national competition. Hasty decisions equals plagiarism, which equals no college for Spencer. You would think that would slow her down. Perhaps encourage her to take her time in her pursuits? Not so. We see Spencer yet again jumping into things with her sister’s very drunk ex-fiancé. Unfortunately for her, this time it is caught on videotape. Maybe A hasn’t abandoned technological efforts to reach the girls after all.

Meanwhile, Aria is still caught up in her father’s affair and her guilt in not confessing what she knew to her mother. It seems someone took care of that for her in a sharply worded letter. Now, Aria can concentrate on her own little affair. It may not involve a married couple, but a teacher-student relationship has its own repercussions especially when you basically have a lover’s spat in the middle of class. Again, who isn’t aware of what is going on between Aria and Mr. Fitz? Isn’t Rosewood a small town? You would think by now someone would have spotted Aria on one of her many trips to her teacher’s apartment.

Emily is still conflicted about her feelings about the new girl in town, Mia. Not helping those feelings is the first appearance of the photo booth kiss photo. Did anyone else expect her to find one in every book, under every blanket and around every corner or was that just me? Emily is also conflicted about Jenna’s brother, Toby. Toby did rescue her last episode after all. However, there is that moping around looking broody and creepy thing he has going on. If there is anything I have learned from my years of watching TV, is that if someone appears to be creepy, the person is not creepy. I am wagering Toby turns out to be a decent guy after all.

This week was more about character development than the mystery surrounding A. There were no text messages after all. Actually around the time that the music dedication showed up, I was beginning to wonder if we would hear from A at all this episode. What was I thinking? As A conveyed via Alison’s favorite Jungle Red lipstick color, “It won’t be that easy bitches.”

I think the girls hear you loud and clear now, A.

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