THE GOOD GUYS “$3.52” Review


In the “$3.52” episode of THE GOOD GUYS, we learn the difference between good guys and bad guys, that Dan is now a hugger, and exactly how much it costs to bring down a smuggling ring. Because Dan threatened a smuggler named Paco with a (fake) bomb down his pants in order to get information about a bigger smuggler, Wayne Young, Liz’s big case against Wayne went down in flames and Wayne went free. Dan vowed to get him back using only the $3.52 in his pocket. After Julius leads him to Wayne’s shell corporation, he and Jack get locked in a truck with boxes of crime (scented candles and heroin) that Wayne and Paco are taking to a drug deal in the middle of nowhere. After a shoot-out, car chase, burning truck chase, and another shoot-out, Julius saves the day (finally getting his probation deal) and Dan saves the heroin by substituting it for a $3.00 hand painted brick. He also spent fifty cents on a candy bar and lost two pennies in the shoot-out, so the final tally is, of course, $3.52.

Wow, Matt Nix loves to blow things up. I’m not sure there’s been an episode of The Good Guys or Burn Notice where something didn’t explode. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially since there is a good balance of crazy action and whimsy. Dan blissfully describing his almond, nougat, and caramel candy bar as Jack is trying to keep the transmission from falling out of their surrounded car was hilarious, as was the diner waitress telling Jack his problems were so big he would definitely need that second donut.
According to Dan, “Bad guys are a bunch of guys running around with guns. Good guys are a team of guys with guns,” and this episode continues to show the evolution of Dan and Jack as a team. Jack is still trying to do things by the book, but keeps finding himself acting like Dan while Dan is learning to make his ways fit into the book to make Jack happy. Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks sell that perfectly.

It was good to see Liz have something to do besides confuse Jack, though she still did that, and I finally saw some real chemistry between them. Julius and Skeeter are always welcome additions and “Save the mustache” has such a great ring to it. While the plot of “3.52” felt more disjointed than usual, the cast is gelling well.

I wish the case itself had been more interesting. The double crosses were predictable, as was the heroin switcheroo, and there was never any doubt Dan would get his man, so I didn’t feel all that invested in The Good Guys tonight. Fortunately there was enough action, humor, and Jack-Dan interaction to keep me happy. Plus I have a new mantra courtesy of Dan: “If you’re gonna die, you might as well die in a hot rod.” Now I just need the hot rod.