HUNG “Just the Tip” Review (Season 2 Premiere)

When we left Hung at the end of last season, Ray was just starting to become comfortable in his role as the sole prostitute for Happiness Consultants, the brainchild of his somewhat dorky pimp, Tanya. Although they had suffered some bumps along the way including Ray’s relationship with a customer that became a little too close, Ray’s reluctance to satisfy customers that were, shall we say, older and dowdy types, and Tanya’s ambition to grow the company without having any idea on how to do so, things seemed to be coming along. At the very end of the season, Ray was sent on a job that turned out to be his ex-wife Jessica and had agreed to allow Lenore, a shrewd and put together businesswoman, become a part owner and co-pimp of Happiness Consultants, much to the complete dismay of Tanya.

In this first episode of the second season of Hung “Just the Tip”, we find that Ray cannot stop wondering what would lead Jessica to seek the services of a prostitute when she claims she is so happy with her current husband. After all, she left Ray because she claimed Ronnie was more successful and an all around better guy. Trouble in paradise, perhaps? Unfortunately, these questions leave Ray distracted and even weed their way into his job when he is unable to properly fulfill his duties with a pregnant woman that reminds him too much of Jessica. Hence the name of this episode, “Just the Tip.”

Of course there continues to be a struggle between Tanya and Lenore for control over Ray, and even over commissions. In one of the more interesting scenes, the struggle leads Tanya to seek the advice of a real pimp off the street. I am hoping that Charlie becomes a recurring character. Let’s hope, however, that Tanya doesn’t take all of his advice to heart as Charlie told her that if Ray wanted to make any real money, he needed to have customers of a different gender. And you thought Ray’s scenes with his female customers could get awkward!

One of the saddest characters on the show truly seems to be Ray’s ex-wife, Jessica. She left Ray because she thought she deserved more. Now she is with Ronnie who has more materially (Or does he? Remember the mystery in last season and the search through all of his financial records?), but still does not seem to be the man she needs. She really is a lost soul. It is rather sad when two teenagers can sum up your whole existence in two sentences and get it spot on. It is rather humiliating when those two teenagers are your children.

This season seems full of promise with Ray’s renewed interest in Jessica, the pimp/prostitute triangle with Tanya and Lenore, and Ray’s struggle to balance his side job with Happiness Consultants with his full-time job as a teacher and coach. If it is truly money that dictates your success, than Happiness Consultants should be Ray’s career. Somehow I do not see that happening. Ray still has himself convinced that it is just a temporary thing to obtain enough money to fix his house, buy his kids a car, and perhaps save his softball team. As Ray keeps adding things to his “needs” list, and with his teaching job hanging by a string, it seems less likely that his gig with Happiness Consultants will end anytime soon. The question is – will it take over his life?

This week’s episode provided ample hilarious quotes and I leave you with my favorite non x-rated quote of the evening: “I can’t bowl with you anymore, I am married.” So simple, yet so complicated. I think it sums up the episode and the show perfectly.

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(Photo: Courtesy of HBO)