TRUE BLOOD “It Hurts Me Too” Review

James Frain in True Blood (HBO)

Last week’s cliffhanger of TRUE BLOOD left us on a bang, and this week, in “It Hurts Me Too,” we’re back where they left us. So let’s take things one character at a time.


So Lorena is back (ugh) and Bill lit her on fire, which was pretty awesome, but she just won’t die!!! What will it take to get rid of her, seriously?!!
But most importantly, Bill has pledged his loyalty to the King of Mississippi, I wonder what Sookie’s going to say to that?


So Sookie’s heading out to Jackson!
And ladies, we finally meet Alcide! So did some of you suddenly switch to the werewolf side?
The best part is probably her going into the werewolf bar, once again not really dressed appropriately (it’s like a theme with her). But you have to give her credit, she is fearless.


Not much going on with him tonight apart from the fact that he gives Lafayette a pretty great car. So I’ll just leave it at that this time.


So Tara has a new boyfriend, well sort of. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of James Frain, but I love Franklin! Unfortunately for Tara, she seems to not be able to pick the good guys.


Oh Jason! Now he wants to be a cop, yep, I’ll let that sink in.
My favorite line of his tonight:
Hoyt: “The legal blood alcohol level in the State of Louisiana is?”
Jason: “When you’re drunk?”


Sam’s back in Bon Temps (yay!), and his family sort of follows him there, but the happy reunion is still not happening, at least not exactly. But I kind of hope that Sam will start to win over his brother, although it looks like that might not be easy.


Poor Jessica, not only is she dealing with a lost body, she has a meeting with Franklin, who stole the body and is definitely up to no good, and kind of twisted. Even worse, he’s after Bill, but we don’t know why yet. I can’t wait to find out what he’s up to.


Big whoops! She’s carrying Renee’s baby! How is she going to explain that to Terry? Especially now that he thinks it’s his. It’s not going to end well that’s all I know.


Now that’s what I call a cliffhanger! Not only Bill got it on with Lorena, he twisted her head around. WTF?!!!! And worst of all she’s still alive!

So that was one crazy True Blood episode, especially the end. And the bad news is, we’re going to have two weeks for the next episode because next Sunday is July 4th. Dammit! That’s way too long.

So in the meantime, how about we talk about tonight’s episode? What did you think? Are you starting to like werewolves? What about Franklin, does anyone like him as much as I do? And most importantly, what did you think of that cliffhanger?

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