HUGE (ABC Family) “Hello, I Must Be Going” Series Premiere

Zander Eckhouse and Hayley Hasselhoff in HUGE

Check out a sneak peek at the series premiere of ABC Family’s new original series HUGE “Hello, I Must Be Going” which airs on Monday June 28th 2010 at 9/8c.

Episode Synopsis: HUGE “Hello, I Must Be Going” Season 1 Episode 1 – In the premiere episode of “Huge,” Willamina (Nikki Blonsky), aka Will, reluctantly begins her journey at weight loss camp, making quite an impression on her fellow campers at the “before” photo shoot, and later stirring up trouble by selling her stash of food to the other campers. What happens when Dr. Rand (Gina Torres), the head of Camp Victory, finds out about Will’s undercover dealings? Find out in the premiere episode of the new ABC Family original one-hour scripted series, “Huge,” premiering Monday, June 28, 2010 (10:00 – 11:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “Hello, I Must Be Going,” was directed by Allison Liddi-Brown and written by Savannah Dooley and Winnie Holzman.
Amber (Hayley Hasselhoff) who, unlike Will, is excited about the possibilities that Camp Victory offers her, soon learns that things will be very different for her when she finds herself a part of the “popular” group – which is completely new territory for her. When she attracts the attention of Ian (Ari Stidam), one of her fellow campers – much to the dismay of Will — it plants the seed for a romantic rivalry between the two girls.

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