DROP DEAD DIVA “Home Away from Home” Review

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime)

DROP DEAD DIVA focuses on family and other matters of the heart in “Home Away from Home.” We open on a giddy Jane cooking up a sexy storm after a night with Tony and telling Stacy it’s the first day she hasn’t wondered why Deb was killed. That joy is short-lived when Tony wins a US attorney position in Washington DC and she can’t leave her life behind to join him.

Teri and her cousin/surrogate brother Edward are arrested due to her many unpaid parking tickets. Jane is able to get Teri’s case dismissed, but because Edward interfered with the arrest at Teri’s urging, he must plead guilty to misdemeanor disturbing the peace which leads to a deportation order. After confronting Teri’s mother (Gilmore Girls‘ Emily Kuroda—hi, Mrs. Kim!), Jane learns Edward’s father was a North Korean border guard and she convinces the judge to grant him asylum. The family hug made me sniffle.

Kim and Grayson defend a mom who punched her daughter’s basketball coach, allegedly injuring his neck. Their claim of self-defense against the season long campaign of emotional abuse waged on the daughter is going nowhere until Jane recognizes the coach as a lying jerk/married man Deb dated before Grayson. Grayson is selling his house and Jane doesn’t want him finding a picture of Deb with said coach on vacation in Aspen while he packs, so Stacy breaks in to retrieve it. Grayson catches her but she escapes with Deb’s scrapbook via fake tears. Jane then finds a picture of the coach wearing a neck brace in Aspen, so she anonymously drops it on Grayson’s desk and saves the day.

Smitten Parker buys Kim coffee and is so confused by his feelings for her that he asks a clueless Jane for advice but finally just kisses Kim. Fred gets into trouble for asking Parker’s assistant David about the situation but he makes amends with a latte and soon the two are hanging out. Jane fears Fred might be leading David (who’s gay) on, but a surprisingly not awkward conversation tells us that’s not the case.

“Home Away from Home” is a bittersweet episode with some really good “awwww” moments. Happy Jane is a fun Jane, as she dances around the kitchen cooking sex food and follows Tony’s trail of cauliflower, but sad, understanding Jane shows us how important her new life is to her. I’m not a Jane-Grayson shipper, but I loved their bonding over wanting both old and new memories. It’s good to see more Stacy and Teri’s fear of her mom and worry for Edward adds nice shading to her character. I’m ambivalent on the Parker-Kim developments. Last week made it clear they were going there, but this week felt rushed.

It’s great to see Drop Dead Diva continue Jane’s emotional progress and to see her so happy, no matter how briefly, is a treat. She’s just learning how much is out there for her and I can’t wait to see what’s next.