On TV Tonight, Friday 6/25/2010: PARTY DOWN, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and more

Fridays TV Schedule

BONES “The X in the File” (Repeat) – 8pm Fox

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS “Toiler Bowl Eric” – 8pm NBC

MEDIUM “There Will Be Blood… Type A” (Repeat) – 8pm CBS

SMALLVILLE “Roulette” – 8pm The CW

WIFE SWAP “Flannagin/Logan” – 8pm ABC

FLASHPOINT “Custody” – 9pm CBS

HOUSE “Remorse” (Repeat) – 9pm Fox

NOT GOING OUT “Marriage” – 9pm BBC America

SUPERNATURAL “I Believe the Children Are Our Future” (Repeat) – 9pm The CW

NOT GOING OUT “Absent Father Christmas” – 9:30pm BBC America

MERLIN “The Fires of Idirsholas” – 10pm Syfy

MIAMI MEDICAL “Down to the Bone” – 10pm CBS

PARTY DOWN “Constance Carmell Wedding” – 10pm Starz

GRAVITY “Are We All Just Dead?” – 10:30pm Starz