BURN NOTICE “Breach of Faith” Review


In the new episode of BURN NOTICE “Breach of Faith,” the show’s formula of rescuing those who can’t rescue themselves takes a turn and it’s for the better. Instead of bikinis in Miami, we get the Bahamas in the opening, where Fiona and new guy Jesse (the spy Michael burned only he doesn’t know it was him) are still tracking down a what happened to dead elusive arms dealer must infiltrate a morgue to look for the body.

First, they pull a little con to get keys to the morgue, once Jesse is through having his body shots licked by a bevy of beach girls. Then, Michael is roped in by Sam to help with a little thing he insists is not a job – talking to a couple whose charity’s fund have been wiped out in a Madoff-ish investment scam. They arrive at the suburban house to discover husband Josh has headed over to investment broker, get to the office building and find him holding a pistol on the broker and his assistant. The situation turns into a hostage situation, Michael and Sam caught inside as the police, including fully armored SWAT team show up and things escalate. Michael tears open a wall to rewire phone lines and get a call out to Fi and Jesse to find the other partner of investment banker, Nick while the flim-flam man’s true nature surfaces bit by bit and his scum factor rises with each discovery, which includes a hidden floor safe with all the money.

Michael holds a gun at him too close, on purpose, so he grabs it, waving it at all of them as the SWAT team crashes in. It’s not Mike or Sam, but the secretary who saves the day in interrogation, telling the police that Nick did indeed cheat his clients, lied about everything and pulled the gun on all of them when caught. Still, a skeptical police Lt. who’s found out about Michael’s expertise with explosives wonders why Nick would blow up his own safe. Michael says he must’ve forgot the combo and the cop gives him a “yeah, right” look. A punchy ending picks up the subplot of following the trail of the dead arms runner and offers up a little surprise, too, as a nosy neighbor seen earlier in the show turns out to be a hired killer.

Writer Ben Watkins has come up with a four-star episode, gripping, taunt and unpredictable. The interplay between Jeffrey Donavan’s Michael and Bruce Campell’s Sam is matched by growing con artist duo patter from Gabrielle Anwar’s Fi working with Coby Bell’s Jesse, whose cocky attitude is kind of appealing.

So, as detour from Burn Notice business as usual, “Breach of Faith” succeeds on all counts, the semi-cliffhanger finish wets the appetite for resolving Jesse’s current part of the story, though it looks as though he’s sticking around for awhile.

Darryl Morden – That Writer Guy