Lennie James (HUNG Season 2) First Look

Lennie James in Hung (Season 2) - HBO

Take a first look at Lennie James guest starring on the season 2 of HUNG which premieres on Sunday, June 27 at 10pm on HBO.

Show Description: In the recession-plagued suburbs of Detroit, Ray Drecker and his unlikely pimp, Tanya Skagle, have taken on slick “life coach” Lenore Bernard as co-pimp, devastating Tanya in the process. With Lenore pushing a debonair version of hooker Ray on her upscale clients, Tanya wants to prove she has the “right stuff” when it comes to being a successful – and far more ethical – pimp than Lenore. Meanwhile, Ray finds his feelings for his ex-wife Jessica rekindled.

Lennie James and Jane Adams in Hung (Season 2) - HBO