THE GOOD GUYS “The Dim Knight” Review

The Good Guys

THE GOOD GUYS mixes Breaking Bad with Hong Kong action movies in “The Dim Knight,” where Jack and Dan end up in a shootout with an assassin from Hong Kong, a meth dealer, and a chemical supplier. Throw in a weepy vigilante, a translator in way over his head, and praise from Lieutenant Ruiz, and you have a dizzily fun installment.

First, let’s go back twenty-four hours to when Jack and Dan are in the suburbs investigating a string of dog poisonings which reminds Dan of his ex-partner Frank’s dog. “He was a great dog. He got kicked off the corpse sniffing squad because he kept bringing us people who were a little alive.” When the homeowners’ association president’s house blows up, Jack and Dan realize it held a meth lab and when triethylamine is found both in the meth lab and the home of a mysterious man seen lurking around the neighborhood, they figure out that “our dog poisoner isn’t a dog poisoner. He’s a meth lab exploder man.” Much to the amazement of Lt. Ruiz, they connect other meth lab explosions to Steve, the weepiest vigilante ever, and after tracking him down learn he was only trying to make the chemicals inert, not blow up every meth lab in Dallas. He agrees to wear a wire to his job as a chemical deliveryman so Jack and Dan can arrest his boss, who has been supplying local meth labs. To complicate matters, an assassin from Hong Kong, Mr. Chen, is in town to get to the root of the meth lab issues and he has taken a hapless translator on a killing spree. This leads to an awesome warehouse shootout where the translator and Steve save the day. There’s also a subplot stolen from Bosom Buddies where Jack saves Liz’s boring relationship, but it didn’t add anything to the episode and it won’t add anything to the review.

“The Dim Knight” was a fun episode. Terminator Mr. Chen and the stammering translator were a perfect team and Steve made a hilariously sad Batman. The case fell together nicely and it was a good change of pace to have Ruiz backing Jack and Dan, though I was glad to see status quo returned at the end. The action scenes were fast and furious and I don’t think enough can be said about how great the music choices in The Good Guys are. “Jukebox Hero” isn’t a song I would associate with guns blasting, but it so worked. Throw in lines like “Batman needs a tissue,” and I’m hooked.

The Good Guys is winning me over more with each episode. Other than the boring Jack-Liz shenanigans, the writing is getting tighter while the Jack-Dan relationship brings more laughs each outing. Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks play off each other so well I forget this is only the fourth episode of the show and that is a very good sign for the future.