PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “To Kill a Mocking Girl” Review

Pretty Little Liars

This week’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS episode was aptly titled “To Kill a Mocking Girl” as we learned that Alison loved to mock people, including her supposed friends. In fact, after watching this episode I have decided that Alison was a very cruel girl.

Although “To Kill a Mocking Girl” was not as fast paced and thrilling as last week’s episode, it did reveal some tidbits of information while, of course, raising even more questions. What would a thriller be without a little mystery, right?

So let’s start with what we learned. Toby Cavanaugh, the alleged peeping Tom (or Toby as it may be) from last week is actually Jenna’s brother. Toby rescued Jenna from the fire and took the fall for setting it. He also saved Emily in a rather dramatic fashion. Was anyone else left wondering how Emily’s boyfriend went from good guy to possible rapist in under 30 seconds? We also learned that Toby was coerced into taking the fall for the fire by none other than Alison who threatened him with exposing something about him to everyone. If one thing is for sure, Alison was truly the keeper of all secrets. Too bad it seems she only used them for her own self-serving reasons.

Spencer’s last name was revealed to be “Hastings.” Not sure if we knew that before, but it was the first time I noticed. I love analyzing character names as many authors put a lot of thought and meaning into them. Here, I think Spencer’s last name is highly appropriate given that her actions are always so hasty. First, it was kissing her sister’s fiancé (and apparently a previous boyfriend as well), and then it is copying an entire term paper. Speaking of which, who keeps six-year-old term papers on their laptop in a folder conveniently open at that exact moment?

Meanwhile, things are not going so well with Aria and her father’s decision to put his whole secret affair behind them. Kind of impossible to do when the other woman keeps appearing in their lives and even attempts to befriend Aria’s mother. Now that takes some guts! Did anyone else recognize the actress playing Meredith as Beth from Harper’s Island? I am not sure how I feel about this storyline as it feels a little too much like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle which has been done so many times now.

Speaking of affairs, how does anyone in school not know about Aria and Mr. Fitz? Between their openly smoldering glances, her solo side trips to his classroom, make out sessions in the rain, and last week’s random movie date with her mom, I predict by next episode someone will find out about their relationship. Someone other than “A”, that is.

Also having problems is Hanna who is basically living with the cop that arrested her. Apparently one date with Hanna’s mom was not enough to get the shoplifting charges dismissed. The question remains – how far will Hanna’s mother go to protect her? And how long will the cop keep up his charade to get what he wants? It seems everyone in Rosewood has a secret.

While I am intrigued by the mystery of Pretty Little Liars, the true identity of A, and all of the secrets that will surely be spilling soon, some of the plot lines are a bit predictable. Who didn’t see the photo booth fiasco coming? Now Emily’s secret will be “exposed” and evidently multiple times as shown in the last scene. Who pressed the copy button? Why were they wearing gloves? Why did they need one thousand copies in different shapes and sizes of the same picture? The questions keep coming.

Finally, one final and most pressing question – why did Aria have an almost entire bird hanging from her earlobe? For me, that is perhaps the biggest question of them all.

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