LEVERAGE “The Jailhouse Job” Review (Season 3 Episode 1)

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The season 3 premiere of LEVERAGE “The Jailhouse Job” which airs tonight at 9pm on TNT is one that you don’t want to miss. The whole team is back, including Sophie and their first job is pretty awesome as it takes place in jail, hence the name of the episode.

If you remember, Season 2 ended with Nate deciding to go to prison in order to spare his team from arrest. Once in jail though, he quickly realizes that the prison is corrupt and is abusing the rights of innocent people. In order to bring this to an end, Nate decides to stage a jailbreak. He also has to deal with Sophie being back on the team which brings up a whole host of unresolved feelings between them. On top of all of this, Nate has to contend with a new player in town called “The Italian”, a mysterious woman who is going to put the squeeze on the team.

The con is quite fun and brilliantly executed. Yes, it is formulaic but I never manage to figure out their end game which makes the whole thing a lot of fun to watch. The client of this episode, an innocent person who was wrongly convicted, is played by Edwin Hodge, (brother of LEVERAGE star Aldus Hodge); he is as funny as his brother and has some pretty amusing scenes with Nate. The whole Sophie and Nate tension is back on as well and gets really fun as Sophie reveals her real name to everyone but Nate. As usual Parker, who is my favorite character in the show, is awesome with her quirky remarks; my favorite: “Who is Sophie?”.

Ultimately, “The Jailhouse Job” is a great start to the third season. It has everything we love about the show, a great con, witty dialogue and Parker (ok maybe it’s everything I love but you get the point). So don’t miss tonight’s season 3 premiere episode of Leverage “The Jailhouse Job” at 9pm on TNT.

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(Photos: Courtesy of TNT)