DROP DEAD DIVA “The Long Road to Napa” Review

Drop Dead Diva (Season 2 Episode 3)

DROP DEAD DIVA has bigamy and babies on the docket in “The Long Road to Napa,” as Jane represents two women suing their husband for fraud and Kim helps a friend who could lose the baby she recently adopted when the birth mother changes her mind. With Tony as counsel for the bigamist, sparks fly when he and Jane bring unresolved issues from their break-up into the case. Tony manages to paint a spineless cheater as a romantic paragon with two soul mates and has the jury eating out of his hand until Jane introduces them to soul mate number three, a fiancée Teri discovered. During the resulting settlement conference, Jane and Tony agree they belong together. Meanwhile, after finding an unopened pregnancy test on Kim’s desk, Fred (who knows way too much about all of Kim’s schedules) blabs to Jane that Kim is pregnant with Grayson’s baby. The distraught Deb part of Jane inadvertently tells Grayson, who assures Kim he will do the Dudley Do-Right thing. In the end, Kim isn’t pregnant and her friend keeps her son because the birth mom only changed her mind when her scum sucking boyfriend came back saying they would raise the baby together while simultaneously selling said baby to a couple for $100k. Stacy gets the useless subplot award for inventing Armvelopes, gold lame leg warmers worn on drivers’ left arms to protect them from sun as they dangle out the window. Unfortunately, they are already on the market in Japan as Sunsleeves, so Stacy is back to being Jane and Fred’s unpaid housekeeper.

There was a lot of action tonight with no fantasy sequences. The Tony-Jane plot played out well and I was surprisingly happy to see them reunite. I love how Jane is becoming more and more her own person and not just Deb with Jane’s mind and body. She’s learning to let go of the past and make choices based on who she is now, not what she once was. The writing tonight was crisp and sharp, with little filler. There was just enough Fred, Parker, and Grayson, but not enough Teri or Stacy. There was also not enough Vivica A. Fox, who was underused playing one of the wives. In the night’s biggest shocker, Kim was downright sympathetic and I may have seen actual potential for a future something between her and Parker.

I’m enjoying this season of Drop Dead Diva even more than the first. Jane is blossoming, the show feels more grounded, and the cast has gelled. Tonight’s plots intersected in organic ways and the character interaction never felt forced. My only concern is that Stacy will be shunted too far to the side and Teri will continue to lose lines, two things I don’t want to see. Other than that, the show is humming along nicely: a sweet and frothy cocktail for the end of the weekend.