Zach Woods Becomes Regular On THE OFFICE

Zach Woods

Zach Woods, better known as Gabe on THE OFFICE, has been promoted to a series regular. Gabe will make his debut as a series regular when The Office returns this fall for its seventh season.

Woods’ character Gabe Lewis first appeared last season as the second in command at Sabre Corp, the company that took over Dunder Mifflin. Gabe played the eyes and ears of Sabre Corp in Scranton, keeping an eye on activities at Dunder Mifflin for Sabre-boss Jo, played by Kathy Bates. The spineless beanpole meshed seamlessly, which is to say awkwardly, with the people in the office at Dunder Mifflin who acted to thwart his efforts.

Woods’ role as Gabe on The Office was his first in television, but you might have seen him in the British comedy In the Loop.

(Source: The Ausiello Files)

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