Ricky Gervais Hyping His New Project LIFE’S TOO SHORT

Ricky Gervais

Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais insists that his upcoming comedy pilot LIFE’S TOO SHORT is going to be the funniest project he’s ever done. The single-camera filmed comedy being shot for BBC Two sees Gervais collaborating with Stephen Merchant whom he created The Office and Extras with.

Warwick Davis will star in the observational comedy about a little person with “small man complex”. Gervais and Merchant first met up with Davis when he appeared on Extras and told them of his struggles as a 3’6″ person living in a big world. The writing duo of Gervais and Merchant recognized the comedic gold in the way Davis told his stories and approached BBC with the idea for a half-hour show.

Gervais and Merchant will executive produce the project with the help of Mark Freeland.

(Source: THR)

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