Web Series Spotlight: High Drama 2: Against All Oz

High Drama 2: Against All Oz

TheWB.com has released four new web series this past Tuesday and I wanted take the time to highlight all of them. So without further ado, first up we have High Drama 2: Against All Oz.

High Drama 2: Against All Oz gives viewers an exclusive backstage pass to The Freedom High School Theater Company’s production of The Wizard of Oz. Viewers will get a look behind the curtain as casting pits friend against friend, students with Broadway stars in their eyes try to move beyond the confines of the high school stage, and the pressures of a sold-out show threaten to bring the cast and crew crashing back to Earth.
The series features real characters, real drama and no scripts. High Drama 2: Against All Oz is executive produced by Bombo’s Steven Bram, Paul Doyle, Jr. and Bob Potter, and Studio 2.0’s Rich Rosenthal.

The first five are already available to watch over at TheWB.com and the remaining five episodes will be released on Tuesday, June 22. You can check out the first three episodes from High Drama 2: Against All Oz below.

You can also connect with Freedom High School Drama through their Facebook Page.