Ghost Hunters International: Season One: Part 1

On June 1st 2010, Image Entertainment released a 3 disc DVD set of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL: Season One: Part 1 (you can get your copy on Amazon). The first season of Ghost Hunters International was unique in that it’s 23 episodes spanned over a year from January 2008 – March 2009. “Part 1” features the first 11 episodes of Ghost Hunters International and includes only episodes from 2008. Although it’s light on special features (only some deleted scenes), it contains over 8 hours of footage.

The 3 disc set contains the following episodes:

Episode 1 “Chillingham Castle” – Originally aired on January 9 2008 features investigations in a castle in Chillingham, England as well as Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Episode 2 “Evil Unearthed” – Originally aired on January 16,2008 and takes place in a mansion in Aberystwyth, Wales and an Abbey in Turin, Italy

Episode 3 “Whispers From Beyond” – Originally aired on January 23th, 2008 and features investigations in E a school in Edinburgh, Scotland and a Hall in Leicester, England

Episode 4 “Haunted Village” – Originally aired on January 30th, 2008 and features 2 investigations in Pluckley, England (The Black Horse Inn and The Screaming Woods)

Episode 5 “Fortress of Fear” – Originally aired on February 6th 2008 and features an investigation done in a Citadel located in Rasnov, Romania

Episode 6 “Headless Haunting” – Originally aired on February 13th, 2008 and features investigations in 2 castles, one located in Slovakia and the other in Germany

Episode 7 “Frankenstein’s Castle” – Originally aired on February 20th and features an investigation in Frankenstein’s Castle in Darmstadt, Germany. This episode also features a guest appearance by Destination Truth’s Josh Gates.

Episode 8 “Larnach Castle” – Originally aired on July 9 2008 and features an investigation done in a castle in Dunedin, New Zealand

Episode 9 “Devil Dog” – Originally aired on July 16th 2008 and features an investigation done in an Opera House in Wellington, New Zealand and a Mansion in Gloucestershire, England

Episode 10 “Castle of the Damned” – Originally aired on July 23rd and features investigations done in a castles (one in Tullamore, Ireland and the other in Samlesbury, England). This episode also features a guest appearance by TAPS member Kris Williams.

Episode 11 “Shattered Spirit” – Originally aired on July 30th 2008 and features an investigation in a castle in Denbighshire, North Wales

I really enjoyed this DVD because I hadn’t seen all the Ghost Hunters International season 1 episodes. The locations are great and some truly awesome footage is captured. Ghost Hunters International is one of my favorite shows because it appeals not only to my love of ghost investigations but also my love of travel – so it’s really like 2 shows in one.

The only thing I didn’t like about the DVD, was that it didn’t have many special features. For the fans that have already seen all the episodes, this DVD really doesn’t have too much new to offer.