Coldplay Gives GLEE Their Entire Catalog

Coldplay / Glee

The hit Fox TV series GLEE has had numerous popular bands lining up to have their ballads performed on the show. However not everyone jumped at the chance immediately, including British group Coldplay. The group has since reversed course and apologized for the snub by offering up their entire catalog to the show.

Glee‘s producer Ryan Murphy said that in the show’s early days not many musical groups knew what the show was all about and would ask for scripts in advance. Murphy however was not interested in sharing as he didn’t want to allow any musicians a hand in the show’s direction. Murphy’s policy lead to two famous rejections, one from Canadian singer Bryan Adams and another from Coldplay. Last week however Coldplay called Murphy to apologize and offer up their entire catalog for use on the show.

It has become increasingly difficult for television shows to acquire musical rights these days as this case points out. Murphy, discussing the clearance situation with other top TV producers, noted that new shows are often asked for astronomical fees for rights to use music in their shows.

(Source: THR, Esq.)