Zach Gilford

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about Zach Gilford and his wonderful performance on this season’s of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS . Not only that, there is now a campaign to get him nominated for this year’s Emmy. I say he should have already been nominated for his work on previous seasons of the show, so I can only get behind him getting nominated this year.

This morning I got a chance to talk to Zach Gilford, whom it was recently announced would return to the final season of Friday Night Lights, along with a few other cast members.

Gilford is of course very happy about all the Emmy talk that has been happening (who wouldn’t be?!), and when asked what had changed in his approach to playing the character of Matt Saracen since season 1, his answer was not much. At the beginning it was all about finding who the character is and now he’s established, but he did mention that some of the changes that might have happened for him as an actor, we as the audience would probably not even notice.

As we mentioned, Gilford will be back in the final season of the show, and he is very happy to be back, especially since the show has been such a big part of his life. And when asked how he would like things for Matt to end, he replied that there really won’t be an end, since afterall Matt is only 20 (very true!). However, he mentioned that the ending will probably lead to Matt starting a new chapter in his life for him and Julie. When asked if these two will end up together, he said that they would either end up together or will go their own way, but that it will be clear.
And here’s a fun fact for you, Gilford talked about how he has always wondered why Matt is with Julie in the first place, he feels Matt could do better, but before you freak out, he also said that in the last season he has slowly come around.

Gilford went on to talk about this season being about the realization that there is more to life than football and Matt has come to realize that, which is why he left, he needs more right now. Hopefully in the last season, he might help Julie realize that as well and help her go on her way. (Now that would be a great ending.)

And finally, just for the fun of it, we thought we would ask our favorite questions: If he could guest star on any other show, which one would it be? His answer: Mad Men and Modern Family. (Pretty great picks, right?)

Season 4 of Friday Night Lights currently airs on Fridays at 8pm on NBC and having seen the entire season on DirecTV earlier this year, I can tell you that you’re not going to want to miss anything that’s coming up, but then again I say you should never miss any episode of Friday Night Lights anyway, so there.