Stana Katic (CASTLE) Exclusive Interview

Stana Katic

Stana Katic

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to the very charming and witty Stana Katic, one of the Emmy hopefuls this year, who plays Detective Kate Beckett on the hit ABC show Castle. She talked about the Castle season 2 cliffhanger, her approach to her character, acting tips from Nathan Fillion, whether or not Castle will be at Comic Con this year and also what TV show she would like to guest star on. Check out her interview below and enjoy!

How do you feel now that you have a second season under your belt and a third season to look forward to?

Stana Katic: It always really nice to be able to finish something as big as a full season. The year before we had a kind of half season and so to do twenty four episodes was a feat. I think that we all kind of looked at each other at the end and went, ‘We really actually finished it?’ So it was great.

Then to have a third one to come back to, I mean that makes it that much more special. It’s kind of like a family that has finished off something and knows that we’re going to go off on summer vacation and then come back together. The pressure is off and you’re just excited to get going again and you’re telling fun stories.

Season two ended with a cliffhanger in the sense that your character – Beckett – on the verge of expressing her feelings but didn’t get to with Castle leaving.

Stana Katic: Yeah and with Castle is bringing back his ex.

Do you think that season three will offer her the opportunity to finish her thought and express herself?

Stana Katic: I don’t know. I’m going to have a meeting with writer/creator tomorrow and one of the producers. So I’ll find out what the arc is. So I’m not sure exactly on where they’re planning on going.

Where would you like it to go?

Stana Katic: I really want to see more of Kate’s private life outside of the world of solving crimes. We’ve seen a little bit of her house. We’ve seen a guy that she was kind of seeing in the precinct but everything really circles around the precinct and solving crimes. That’s great because that’s such a big part of her life, but I think that for any female, professional female there are also the other parts that color their lives, like, a group of friends that they have. Maybe she has a best gay-guy friend. That’d be great, adding those kinds of colorful characters to her world.

That really makes sense for anybody that’s a professional, a young women in Manhattan. Then I think it’d also be really nice to meet more of her father and their relationship and see her out having fun in Manhattan in the way that Kate Beckett might. I suspect that there is legitimately a lot more Nikki Heat in her than she even necessarily up until now has led on. I think it’d be really nice as an audience, maybe outside of Castle necessarily seeing it, but being able to see it as an audience would be fun.

What was your favorite episode of season two?

Stana Katic: The two different favorite episodes, I really loved the second part of the two-parter (Titled “Boom” – Season 2, Episode 18, Aired 3/29/2010 ). I thought that was really fun. It was really great to see how the build up in the first part of it climaxed in the second of the two-parter and all the action stuff was really fun. It got dark a bit and in spite of the darkness there was a tremendous amount of humor injected here and there. I thought it was really, really neat episode and really exciting as a thing to be a part of. Of course we’re exploding apartments and things like that. So all of that stuff was a fun to be a part of, doing fight sequences and all of that.

Then I really loved ‘Sucker Punch’ (Titled “Sucker Punch” – Season 2, Episode 13, Aired 1/18/2010). I really loved as an actor performing or delving deeper into my character. It was interesting to go into the murder that is at the thrust of why she became a detective. I think those two probably standout for me right now.

Do you feel that there’s a difference in your approach to Beckett now as compared to day one with her?

Stana Katic: I think that on day one you’re always getting your feet wet and as we’ve moved forward I’ve been looking forward to opportunities to showcase other elements to her. I think it was really important for the creators to establish a strong, by the book kind of character initially and they had to keep that going for the first season, in many ways just because you’re establishing an audience and just letting people know what the story is about.

Then from there we as a cast and as a group of writers and everyone that’s involved in the creative process were able to branch off of that. So I think that through the writing I’ve been able to explore more vulnerable sides of Beckett as well as the strong and intelligent sides. Then also some of the central sides which I think there’s always room to grow even further from that. I hope that we get a chance to do more of that in season three.

Can you talk about working with Nathan Fillion?

Stana Katic: Nathan has been kind of a bit of an older brother show. I came to the project really new. Most of my longer term experience had been with various film projects and so this was the first time that I was involved in something on a couple of months basis where it was day in and day out for many hours and then there’s also the added learning curve of press and just all the extracurricular involved in launching a new show. Nathan became the go to person to be like, ‘Nathan, what is this all about?’ He’s already done network television and even soaps and things like that.

I remember that there was this one scene in the first year where the director came up to me and said, ‘Stana, I need something from you because I have an act-out here.’ I didn’t understand what an act-out meant. I thought that an act-out meant like a dance-off or something.

I was like, ‘What? You need a barrage of thirty five reactions?’ This is what I’m thinking in my head and then the director walks off and I’m like, ‘Okay,’ and this the first time I’ve worked with him and of course I’m new to being on a set for that amount of time and am feeling a little bit green. I turned to Nathan and I said, ‘Nathan, what is an act-out? Does it mean to do forty different faces?’ He started howling.

He said, ‘No. It’s like a suspended moment at the end of the scene so that they can go into commercials and come back,’ and then he gave me this really great thing that I guess soap opera people have. He goes, ‘There are three thoughts that soap actors have when they have to do an act out.’

It’s, ‘Oh my God, I think I left the stove on when I left the house today,’ you give that look. Then you’re thinking, ‘Did I leave the stove off when I left today?’ Then the third thought, ‘Oh, no. I turned it off when I left the house today.’ So those three thoughts can carry you through an act-out apparently.

So he’s a lot of fun and obviously he’s the older brother character for me as far as learning about the ins and outs of the television world.

You have an upcoming project with Richard Gere and Topher Grace called ‘The Double’. Can you talk about the role you’re going to play in that?

Stana Katic: I’m going to be a feisty Russian prostitute. We’ll start there. This is a story about espionage and the fallout of the cold war and the Ruskie’s and the American’s. What I can tell you is that first of all it was a fantastic read. I mean that completely sincerely. The script was wonderful. That makes it amazing, to be a part of that project. But nobody is who they seem to be although that may sound like the cliché for any kind of spy thriller.

Truly I was blown away with some of the resolves at the end of the read. I think that my character is a part of trying to bring down this Russian crime syndicate and she’s obviously one of the valuable elements to doing that. Richard Gere and Topher and she have some feisty moments. We’ll put it like that.

Does that mean you’re going to playing with an accent?

Stana Katic: Yes. I love working on characters that are foreign, especially working with Michael Brandt who wrote ‘3:10 To Yuma’ and … is a fantastic creative. I think it’ll be really neat because he’s open to anything that an actor can bring to the table. So it would be a lot of fun.

Do you have any other projects coming out that you can talk about?

Stana Katic: I just finished filming ‘For Lover’s Only’ with the Polish Brothers in France and it’s a romance, I guess. Maybe even a romantic tragedy. I’m not sure how to term it. But it’s this beautiful love story and it took us all throughout the south coast of France, northern parts, Paris. The most wonderful, creative experience I’ve had thus far this summer.

I’m on my way in the next couple of days to do ‘The Double’. I’m looking forward to experiencing that as well but it was just beautiful. Working with these guys, they’re so talented and visual. They’re way of seeing the world and their way of seeing filmmaking is so inspiring. I had a really beautiful time working with them and just kind of trolling around France with this fantastic crew of creative’s.

Can you confirm the rumor that the cast of ‘Castle’ will be at Comic Con this year?

Stana Katic: Yes. ‘Castle’ will be at Comic Con this year. I’m going to say yes to it. I might get in trouble but oh well.

Are you going to be there?

Stana Katic: I’m planning on being there, yes.

Have you ever been to Comic Con?

Stana Katic: No, and I would’ve loved to have gone for ‘The Spirit’. To be able to go there with someone like Frank Miller, a project like that I think would’ve been really special because that is what Comic Con is. It’s about comic fans. I’m not sure how ‘Castle’ ties into that but I think to be a part of that culture [is great].

I just went to the Xbox Premiere and not that Xbox fans wouldn’t necessarily be comic book fans but there seems to be a close tie and what a fantastic group of creative individuals. Their thinking is so progressive and the possibilities are endless when you open yourself up to those kinds of worlds, whether they’re the virtual worlds of gaming or the worlds of comic books. It’s beautiful. So I’d love to go down there and meet a lot of those people. I think it’s such a huge honor.

I’m sure you’ve had a lot of fan interaction but can you think of any that were particularly interesting?

Stana Katic: I had a birthday recently and I have really sweet fans. I know that some people have crazy stories but my fans seem to be really wonderfully nice. So for my birthday I got these amazing gifts. From Italy they sent a book on Caravaggio who’s this amazing painter from Italy’s past. It was a huge, huge fake portrayal of all of his work. I got a gift of trapeze lessons. Things like that, really creative gifts. I’m just blown away continually by the people that have kind of taken the time to watch some of the things that I do and have expressed an appreciation for it. I’m super honored by all of them.

If you could guest on any other show on television, which one would it be?

Stana Katic: I think first of all ‘Breaking Bad’ is outstanding. That would just be a wicked show to be a part of. Then of course ‘Glee’ ran into my mind but no. Even ‘True Blood’ or something like that, something really dark and crazy and free and a bit of the dangerous. I’d really like to do that. I think I’ll rest on ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘True Blood’ or maybe even ‘Sons of Anarchy’. That would be wicked.

Castle returns for a third season this fall on Mondays at 10 pmm on ABC.