Shawn Ryan Talks About LIE TO ME Season 2


Executive producer Shawn Ryan took some time recently to talk about the remaining episodes of the season 2 of Fox’s TV show LIE TO ME. While Ryan will be leaving the show as a show runner to pursue other projects, he had quite a few things to stay about the upcoming episodes.

About Lie To Me airing in the Summer

Shawn Ryan: My first reaction was grateful that they were picking us up for a back nine, because we were told at the same time, OK, we want nine more episodes but because our schedule is looking pretty full right now, we’re going to save them until summer. It’s mixed feelings because traditionally, in the past, that’s been a burn-off spot, but when I was told that they were pairing us up with The Good Guys, which I knew was an important element in their schedule, and they had been talking for a while about really making a true commitment to year-round programming, I chose to look at the glass half full and say, well I guess they want us to be pioneers for them in that regard and see if we can get an audience there.

About a potential Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger

Shawn Ryan: Yes, is the short answer. A lot of episodes are standalone so I wouldn’t say that we crafted a nine-story serialized arc, but we did get to plan for some things, and it did allow us to look at the episodes after we finished them all and to decide in concert with the network and the studio what would be the best way to air them. And we think we’ve got some really strong last couple episodes that will launch the show into the third season fall schedule.

About Cal Lightman checking himself in a psych ward

Shawn Ryan: That is during our very special Shield reunion episode where I brought back six of our actors from The Shield and had them co-star in it. I don’t have the schedule in front of me but I have a feeling that’s like the fourth of fifth episode to air. It’s called Pied Piper, so if Michael or anyone else on the call has a schedule, they might be able to tell you the specific date. I know it’s in the middle of the run. Yes, for a good reason, he has his motivations, but he does check himself into a psych ward and maybe fits in a little too well.

About the potential romance between Cal and Gillian be explored further during the back nine? And the same question for Loker and Torres.

Shawn Ryan: What I would say on the Cal/Gillian front is that the relationship deepens and gets explored, but there is a character that comes in between them, played by Melissa George, for a few episodes. We have a back nine but it’s actually 12 episodes that we still have to air, that we’ve made, so in those 12 summer episodes, we’re going to learn a lot more about Cal and Gillian and how they came together. We’ve got an episode that shows in flashback how they first met and what they mean to each other, so I don’t necessarily want to label it “romance” but their relationship deepens in a way that I think the audience will find satisfying.
As for the Loker/Torres relationship, we definitely get some advancement on that front.

About the upcoming guest stars for the rest of the season

Shawn Ryan: I think I mentioned that we have Melissa George for a few episodes and she did great for us. Jennifer Beals is back for a couple more episodes before I hijack her to my new Fox show. And she comes back.

Max Martini, who was a series regular for us on The Unit, plays a recurring role as someone who, in the same way that Melissa George comes in between Cal and Gillian, on Cal’s side, Max Martini plays someone who comes a little bit between Cal and Gillian on Gillian’s side. And he’s in three or four episodes, I believe.
I would say that I think one of the strengths of this is some of the guest casting. I think we did a pretty good job guest casting the show.

Enver Gjokaj, who is on Dollhouse, also has a really, really great guest performance, in an episode about an Iraq war soldier who comes back and is having some mental problems from that experience that threatens his family, and Cal takes it upon himself to try to solve these problems.

Don’t forget to watch Lie To Me which airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.