UNNATURAL HISTORY “Pilot” Early Review

Unnatural History

UNNATURAL HISTORY is a new mystery series from Cartoon Network and you know what? I really liked the pilot episode, a lot.

The series centers on Henry Griffin (Kevin G. Schmidt), a teenager full of resourceful skills he has learned while traveling and living with his anthropologist parents in some very exotic places. Unfortunately, his parents decide it’s time for Henry to lead a normal life and send him to live with his uncle Bryan (Martin Donovan) and cousin Jasper (Jordan Gavaris) in Washington D.C.

And to make things even more interesting his uncle turns out to be the dean of James Smithson High School – the charter school within the National Museum Complex. And as you can guess things don’t stay quiet very long and before you even realize it, Henry and Jasper find themselves trying to solve a mysterious murder, which not only leads them to some sort of treasure hunting but also to be the targets of a shootout. Just a normal day in Henry’s exciting world, but not so much for Jasper. I should also mention that in the pilot episode we also meet Maggie (Italia Ricci), who helps them solve the case and will become their sidekick in future episodes.

This is such a fun show and the kid in me loved watching it. I think it’s best described as sort of Stormbreaker for TV, with Henry being an Alex Rider type minus the spy. There are some pretty great action sequences especially since Henry’s skills include climb and rappel, track quarry, hunt, throw a javelin, free dive, firewalk, perform expert martial arts moves (of which we see quite a bit in the first episode already). Oh and did I mention that he’s really focusing on his “chi” energy as well?

Kevin G. Schmidt is such great casting for Henry, he has really great charisma which I think will please the ladies. Jordan Gavaris who plays Jasper is a great balance to Kevin G. Schmidt’s Henry. He’s like the Ron Weasly to Harry Potter, and we all love Ron (at least I do). Finally, the team is rounded up with Italia Ricci playing Maggie, although I won’t say too much about her since you don’t really see the dynamic with the other two guys in the first episode, but that will of course change in upcoming episodes. For now I’ll just say that I’ll wait and see how it works out.

Overall, it’s a great show for kids, teens and adults to enjoy. And to be honest I had even more fun watching Unnatural History than I have watching some shows on network TV (yes I went there!). Did I mention I’m a kid at heart? Anyway, all of that to say you shouldn’t miss Unnatural History when it premieres tonight, Sunday June 13, 2010 at 8pm on Cartoon Network. And if you do see it, please let me know what you thought of it. I am the only one who enjoyed it or did you have a good time watching it as well?