Jesse Williams To Become Regular Cast On GREY’S ANATOMY

Jesse Williams

The cast of doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital is growing again as Jesse Williams has been added to the cast of GREY’S ANATOMY on a full time basis according to Michael Ausiello. Williams was a recurring character last season on the show, but creator Shonda Rhimes is eager to bring him into the fold on a permanent basis. Williams’ full time status kicks in at the start of the seventh season this fall.

Williams plays the role of Dr. Jackson Avery who joined Seattle Grace from Mercy West along with three others in a merger of hospitals. Avery’s fellow Mercy West-er Dr. April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew, will also be returning in a full time capacity when the seventh season airs this fall. Drew was also given a full time contract by ABC to join the show on a permanent basis. Shooting for the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy begins in July.

The characters played by Williams and Drew were the only Mercy West docs to survive the shooting spree at Seattle Grace that occurred during the season finale. Williams welcomes the news that he is joining Grey’s Anatomy full time as last season he had to live week to week never knowing if he’d have a job or not.