GRAVITY “Damn Skippy” Episode 8

Gravity - Krysten Ritter as Lily Champagne

Watch a preview of the upcoming episode of the Starz’s new original series, GRAVITY titled “Damn Skippy” Episode 8 which airs on Friday, June 11 at 10:30 p.m. (et/pt).

Episode Synopsis: GRAVITY “Damn Skippy” Episode 8 – Miller and Robert’s friendship hits a stumbling block. Miller then turns to Lily, revealing a dark personal secret from his past. Meanwhile the group decides to throw a garage sale at Carla’s house in order to raise enough money to secretly buy their leader Dogg a new wheelchair. At the garage sale, Adam and Shawna spontaneously take their relationship to the next level. After the garage sale, Robert takes Lily to dinner at his mother’s home. This is a huge step for him and for them as a couple. Finally, Miller tries to gamble his way out of debt while prepping for a colonoscopy, leading to unsettling results on both fronts.