TORCHWOOD Season 4 To Premiere on BBC One and Starz in Summer 2011

Torchwood: Children of Earth - (l to r) Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd), Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles)

In unbelievably good news of the day, TORCHWOOD is coming back in the Summer of 2011 with John Barrowman (Capt. Jack) and Eve Myles (Gwen) returning along with some new faces reflecting the more international scope of the series.

Now here’s the crazy thing, this time it’s Starz that will debut the 10-episodes new series in the US, while BBC One will debut it in the UK and BBC Worldwide will distribute the show outside the U.S. This is a co-production between Starz, BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Worldwide.
Russell T Davies and BBC Worldwide Productions’ SVP Scripted Julie Gardner return as executive producers, with Davies also serving as show-runner for the new Torchwood.

“Russell, Jane and Julie came to us with a compelling vision for the evolution of the ‘Torchwood’ saga that really takes the story into whole new areas,” added Carmi Zlotnik, Managing Director of Starz Media the production and development division of Starz. “The compelling story and characters this trio created provide a strong template for driving this narrative in exciting ways.”

Well, I’m beyond excited, after the amazing Torchwood: Children of Earth episodes, it has taken way too long for us to get more Torchwood.

  • Sarah

    It’s incredible of BBC to finally bring back Torchwood. All of the controversy aside (yes, the entire supporting cast of the Hub has been killed off), only a truly spectacular show could create such comotion and I trust Davies wholly to continue the saga to its fullest potential. This is sure to be a fantastic journey and I am more excited than I thought possible.

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  • Amanda

    I love the fact that Torchwood is coming back! Now that said I don’t like the idea that America is taking over some of it. I am American but I don’t think we can do it as well as the BBC. On top of that it will be aired on BBC one in the UK but for us in the US we are stuck not bein gable to see it if we don’t subscribe to the starz channel. I am sure I am not the only one thinking this. I hope Russell T. Davies will hold more episode control than the Americans. Otherwise it might get to Americanized(hope I spelled that right). I also hope we get Capt. Jack and the new doctor together that would be great!! If anyone has information about what I have written please let me know.

    • poopmonsterman

      yeah im american as well and we only do one things right half the time when it comes to international shows… remake them (the office ext.) but as long as davies stays involved i wouldn’t get to worked up as far as it being on starz i have no prob with that i dont subscribe but it well sure make it a lot easier to see for free on the internet (i do buy anything i watch when its released here) but on the plus side of the new american partners they can give it that international flare the doctor who series and its spin offs always lack sorry the whole world doesnt speak british english and so one (not that i dont love the shows being in someplace other then new York or California like all our shows)

    • Sarah J

      As an American, I totally agree that it should stay on BBC America. I also think we should keep our sticky American fingers off of it so we don’t muck it up. For a while now, America has kept churning out bastardized versions of amazing UK shows (which wrecks them). I really think this will ruin it further than it already has (by killing off most of the cast) I don’t have Starz (can’t afford it) and really will now have to wait until it makes it to Netflix or such…why can’t it just stay on BBC America?. Please, RTD listen….someone, anyone…

  • still

    Yayyyyyyy more Torchwood. Can’t wait. Children of the Earth was just amazing and to tell a story in 10 eps should be mind blowing.

  • Pat75

    no Ianto, not watching…

    • gd

      its yanto….

  • Tanya

    Now that’s just mean, putting Ianto in the picture…

    • Ah yes, sorry! There aren’t any photos for the new series yet. But isn’t picture great though? So many memories!

  • Tyler

    I am soooooo glad its coming back! I absolutely love this show! I’m super excited! Can’t wait!:)

  • welshdutchy

    I can’t wait for new torchwood, to be honest i am a bit worried with too much american involvment, i just love the very british feel both torchwood and doctor who have, and i feel bbc make series with alot more depth and storylines than most american series…and we don’t want dumb spinoffs like torchwood LA and torchwood NY…lol

  • Galaxia Pluton

    I love Torchwood, but i hate the USA Tv, Torchwood never will be the same in EE UU, Is sad for me.
    I miss the Doctor (10), i miss Ianto, i miss Toshiko.
    The new Torchwood will be a piece of CRAP!!!!!!!

    • Joey

      America already has a bad spin off or remake of Torchwood is called Warehouse 13 and its unbearable to watch. Im an American and the best tv shows we come up with are placing “hidden cameras ” in a house and call it Reality TV.. To the Gods above please don’t allow america to mess this up. Torchwood, Doctor Who, Top Gear are Great shows .. The american cast chosen to be in Torchwood makes me wonder is it already doomed ?…

      • WayneAllanOsborn

        Having seen a few episodes of Warehouse, before stomach made threats, you seriously think to compare???? Waaaaay too different from each other that I could see..

    • Vrouf

      Yeah, if Davies thinks you can just kill a supporting actor like that I’d hate to see what he does with a new cast AND its now going to be Americanized. Davies doesn’t even deserve to call it Torchwood anymore.

  • WayneAllanOsborn

    Looking at the Torchwood Logo/Symbol, I always wonder how much influence Capt. Jack had on that design. Also, working 2 F/T jobs, I bless the cable companies for providing DVRs.

  • Ebassy

    are they not going to film anymore sara jane. i was so sad at the death of the main carater in real life, my mum is recovering from cancer surgery we both cryed

  • Hcoz07

    this sucks the americans robbing our tv programes again this time taking the stars aswell as the writters can they not have any good ideas on their own the british are loyal fans and this programme would not be round the world if we did not watch this also they are now taking a role in doctor who they best not touch our doctor cause they will ruin it usa keep off our telly

    • wish the american doctor had taken off. paul mcgann is great on big finish. three’s company was pretty good. i even thought space 1999 second season was okay. just enjoy what you get. money rules

  • Keithleonard36

    i cant wait i love capt jack mmm hot

    • Guest

      Yes, he’s cute.  I have nothing against gays but i wish he was straight, or like his somewhat bi- character.  whoo hoo!!!

      • Foreverchrismage26

        I was so sad when iano was killed off , cryed my eyes out. kinda hope theres some sort of miracle and hes brought back to life of something, mabey the doctor makes an appearnce.