The Best 2010 World Cup Commercials

World Cup 2010 Commercial

The biggest sporting event in the world, The World Cup, kicks off this weekend. Yours truly already has her USA jersey at the ready for the big match this Saturday vs England. If you need some help getting in the Football spirit, check out the following World Cup commercials. Also, please leave me a comment with your favorite links as well!

Commercial #1
Company: Nike
Notes: This commerical is maybe one of the best I’ve ever seen – even if you’re not a sports fan. It features some of the biggest players from around the world and it shows their inner thoughts during their success and failures on the football pitch. For example, it shows England player Wayne Rooney visualizing himself as a villain getting burned in efegy when he misses a play and then getting knighted by the Queen when he scores a goal.

Commercial #2
Company: ESPN
Notes: This commercial features footage from all over the world. The theme is how the World Cup isn’t about religion, race, love, hate, politics..etc, it’s just about football.

Commercial #3
Company: Pepsi
Notes: Set is South Afria and featuring the song “Oh Afria” by Akon, this commercial boasts appearances by 80% of the world’s best soccer players (Henry, Messi, Drogba, Lampard, Arshavin, and Kaka) playing some South African locals. The prize? A nice, cold, Pepsi of course.

Commercial #4
Company: ESPN
Notes: The video is hyping up the much anticipated England Vs. USA game.

Commercial #5
Company: Carlsberg Beer
Notes: This commercial shows you what a “Team Talk” would be like before the World Cup if Carlsberg wrote it.