THE GOOD GUYS “Bait & Switch” Review


In THE GOOD GUYS “Bait and Switch” episode, we learn more about why Dan hates technology, that Liz and Jack have complicated relationship, that it’s Kiersten not Kristen, and why only Americans should steal American classic cars. Oh and there’s a crime solved.

At the beginning of the episode, Dan and Jack investigate a vandalism case, a rock thrown through the window of a bedroom where two women were watching a movie. As Dan attempts to “help” the victims recreate the scene of the crime, he discovers that the streetlights are also broken. Following this lead, the investigative duo believe they have stumbled upon a major car theft ring, but are shot down by the head of the Organized Crime Task Force, Detective Kiersten Joyce (guest star Lauren Stamile).

In true Dan Bender style, the two detectives use their own resources and their snitch from the pilot episode, Julius, to find where the crime ring is keeping the stolen vehicles. The bad guys, led hilariously by a brit named Nigel (guest star Steve Valentine), are not having an easy go of things either. Their initial plans to get the stolen cars out of Dallas fall through, the cops are on their tail, and Nigel thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him. This leads to climactic encounter at the bad guy’s warehouse, where cars are saved, cars are destroyed, and theres a sweat homage to 70’s cop shows moment.

After having seen the pilot and now the second episode of this show, I really like where things are going. Bradley Whitford’s Dan is still outrageous, especially when it comes to his Trans Am and technology, but he’s dialed it back a touch and it makes his character much more watchable. Colin Hanks’ Jack is still spot on, and his interactions with Jenny Wade (ADA Liz Traynor) this week were great. The writing is solid and the humor in the show is worked in at the right moments. Also, the 80’s hair band rock soundtrack fits the show perfectly.

Quotes from The Good Guys “Bait and Switch”:

“So Jacqueline, tell me something. After she took your manhood, where’d she put it? Like, in a jar, somewhere safe?”Bender to Jack

“The only place a woman should punch a man is in the face”Bender

“Wow, Dan. Somehow climbing into bed with the victim leads to some pretty solid police work.”Jack

“I have heard if you love something, set it free. Then track it down.”Bender

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