I had an opportunity to watch the first couple of episodes of the new HBO series THE NEISTAT BROTHERS, an eight-episode series consisting of experimental short films written and directed by Van and Casey Neistat (pronounced “nigh-stat”). The series chronicles six weeks in their lives and premieres tonight, Friday June 4, 2010 at Midnight.

According to the press release from HBO:

The Neistats’ first leap into episodic television, the series is by, and about, the artworld duo known for pioneering the world of online video content. The brothers primarily use consumer-grade shooting and editing equipment, refining the inventive and resourceful spirit that is a trademark of their approach to film, pop culture and entertainment.

A mix of biographical vignettes and experiments in curiosity, THE NEISTAT BROTHERS includes such segments as: a nautical challenge of varying proportions; smuggling authentic maple syrup into Amsterdam; a disappointing and revelatory trip to Mexico; studio renovations; and the search for Vanʼs biological father.

So I watched the first two episodes of The Neistat Brothers who I admit I had never heard of before watching the show and I was very impressed for two main reasons.

Reason #1: Visuals
The Neistats are visual geniuses that manage to create images, moments and sounds that quite frankly I don’t think you have ever seen anywhere. It’s kind of like watching a very cool collage being made in front of your eyes. Sincerely, as you are watching, you can’t help but admire the patient creative drive that is pushing these brothers to weave simple yet compelling stories.

Reason #2: Humor
The Neistats are funny. All the visuals in the world are nothing if you are not entertained and boy was I. The stories that are told in these episodes are simple, but are all told in a very humorous way. One of my favorite story was Casey and Van redoing their studio at the beginning of the episode. This vignette really establishes the tone and the humor of these two gents.

All and all, The Neistat Brothers is a charming dose of visual and narrative breath of fresh air in an era where TV is starting to get a little stale. So don’t forget to tune in tonight, Friday June 4, 2010 at Midnight and watch The Neistat Brothers on HBO.

In the meantime, check out a couple of clips from the series below.